The Elder Scrolls Online New Character: Drake of Blades

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-07-28 05:50:47
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As we know that The Elder Scrolls Online now is one of the top 3 best sellers in game market. Recently, The Elder Scrolls Online has released Imperial City DLC game pack pack main story and we know that there is a new character named Drake of Blades in Imperial City DLC pack main story. It is time for players to Join The Elder Scrolls Online to Meet the New Character: Drake of Blades. In this Meet the Character, you'll learn a little about the mysterious woman who calls herself the “Drake of Blades." When join The Elder Scrolls Online you had better to buy some cheap ESO Gold online. Now is hot sell Elder Scrolls Online Gold with a 5% discount.



In order to meet the gamers’ request, the developer team has compiled a report on all details and matters that related to the new character in the Imperial City, Drake of Blades, who with a mask.

Drake of Blades is said to be a strength character since the developer of The Elder Scrolls Online said that even their most gifted scouts could only keep pace with Drake of Blades for a few minutes and finally losing her to the shadows. Some players suspect the reason why Drake of Blades wanted to be seen maybe is to lead players away from an ambush, or draw their attention to something noteworthy. Also many players think she is no harm for them since she is so powerful and if she want anyone gone, then the one may be dead for many times.

You can meet the Drake of Blades yourself in the Imperial City DLC game pack for ESOTU, coming to PC/Mac on 8/31, Xbox One on 9/15, and PlayStation 4 on 9/16. Do not forget to buy ESO Gold to well enjoy the new Imperial City DLC game pack and with the new character, Drake of Blades.