The Elder Scrolls Online News - Update Of The Basic Game

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-08-09 18:59:08
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The upcoming update "Horns of the Reach" brings some adjustments and changes to the basic game in the game. Guilds, crafts and other areas are improved.



Updates Of The Basic Game


On the official Elder Scrolls Online site the developers have now published a small blog article, which deals with the upcoming adaptations, following you can read them.


The DLC player expansion "Horns of the Reach" will be released together with Update 15 on August 14th on PC / Mac and on August 29th on PlayStation 4 / Xbox One. Update 15 brings you a bunch of free gameplay updates, bug fixes and additions. Read our next preview, if you want to learn more about the basic game enhancements in Update 15!





Settings For Combat


With the settings in the game, you can now also adjust the Combat Cues, which makes you see the display in the colors you prefer. This setting should be especially helpful if you are having trouble distinguishing certain colors from the game, but you can freely customize the Combat Cues for both allies and enemies, including color and brightness.


To adjust the combat hints, go to Settings, select Gameplay, and look for Combat Cues and Custom Colors in the Combat category.


Alliance Points And Writ Voucher In The Bank


If you are a passionate PvP player or master crafter, you can now store your Alliance Points and Writ Vouchers in your bank. This means that you can share AP as well as Writ Vouchers with all the characters of your account. To store the items, go to the banker of your trust and use the Deposit Currency option. Note, however, that as a result of transferring Alliance Points, characters do not rise in their Alliance Rank and thus do not receive any progress for the Alliance War Skill Lines.


In a similar way, you can also withdraw Alliance Points or Writ Vouchers from the Withdraw Currency option at any time.





Invite History


Guild management has been improved and there is now an addition of guild invite history function. This is how Guildmasters and ordinary members see who has invited who, what should help larger guilds to get a better overview.


Just open the Guild menu, select the tab with the History, and there the Roster for members.


New Guild Rank Permission


In addition, new rights have been added for guild ranks, which allow Guildmasters to determine if guild members can see how much gold is currently in the guild bank. Thus, guilds can keep their finances secret or reveal them - as desired.


We know that this is something that many guilds have wished for, which is why we are happy to offer you this at last. Guild leaders can view the new right gold in the Guild's Ranks menu via their menu to the View Guild Bank Gold.





Research Cancelling


Have you ever wished you could cancel some crafting research, rather than concentrate on another? Now you can! You can now immediately and without any major hurdles ongoing analysis procedures break off in the middle. Please note, however, that you will not be able to recover the item used for the analysis process, so choose this option carefully!


To cancel some currently-in-progress research, use a Crafting Station and navigate to the Research menu, find the item you wish to cancel, select Cancel Research, and finally confirm. You will then be able to research a different Trait!


Improvements For Equipped Items


You do not have to drop items to improve them. With Update 15, you can also improve equipped items directly. You will find them, just like items from your inventory, directly in the improvements crafting menu.


If you play on PC / Mac, the respective items are highlighted with a checkmark. If you're on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you'll find them in the "Equipped" section.