The Elder Scrolls Online Orsinium DLC Official Release Dates be Announced

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-10-09 05:49:33
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As you may know, Orsinium is the second game expansion to be released for the MMORPG, following last month’s Imperial City.According to ZOS, here are the Orsinium launch dates, so be sure to mark your calendars!

PC/Mac        11/2/15
Xbox One      11/17/15
PlayStation 4   11/18/15

Orsinium Cost
Like Imperial City, Orsinium will be free for players who maintain an active ESO Plus membership.Players who don’t have a membership can purchase Orsinium for 3,000 crowns in the ESO Crown Store.

In addition, a special Orsinium DLC Collector’s Bundle is being made available for 5,000 crowns. The bundle will include the DLC game pack, the Cave Bear Mount, the Cave Bear Cub, and five Crown Experience Scrolls.

Orsinium Features
Orsinium promises to be jam-packed with exciting new features. According to announcement, the DLC includes:
1.Over 20 hours of captivating story content and quests
2.A long-awaited exploration of the culture of Tamriel’s Orcs
3.A colossal new zone available to characters of all levels
4.A new single-player progressive challenge, The Maelstrom Arena
5.Available in Normal and Veteran versions
6.Grants special rewards only obtainable by completing arenas
7.Includes class-specific leaderboards, so you can see how you match up against your fellow combatants
8.Quests and objectives that contribute to rebuilding the city of Orsinium, returning it to its former glory
9.Two large public dungeons, Old Orsinium and Rkindaleft, featuring all-new challenges for both solo and group play
10.Special harvest nodes that scale to the most advanced material type your character can use for crafting
11.Six all-new, challenging world bosses
12.Powerful new gear, unique crafting styles, and other rewards inspired by the history and denizens of Wrothgar
13.Four new Provisioner recipes, only available in Wrothgar
14.18 powerful new item sets including 6 ability-altering weapons, 9 sets obtained by participating in activities in Wrothgar, and 3 new craftable sets
15.The Ancient Orc crafting style
16.Six new collectible costumes only available in Wrothgar
17.Over an hour of brand new in-game musical score