The Elder Scrolls Online Push Out the Demo of Morrowind

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-04-20 21:47:09
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The elder scrolls online released the demo of Morrowind, so you can play the demo at the first time on the Public Test Server, so they found there are a lot new fun in new game, besides Vvardenfell, you can find a new class called Warden. it’s an adaptable and suppoet-orientated option fro those players who could fill a specific role, but they can help others at the same time. Then lets see more details about it.

here is the details about the 2 new dungeon:

  • Nchuleftingth: Help Neramo the scholar uncover the secrets of Nchuleftingth and prevent an unscrupulous ruins robber from plundering ancient Dwarven technology. Explore the Ashlands in the east to uncover this Dwemer ruin.
  • Forgotten Wastes: On the northern coast, enter the Forgotten Wastes to explore ancient Dark Elf ruins and solve a murder mystery while dealing with evil cultists intent on resurrecting a long-lost Dunmer House.

In addition, a new PvP mode will come out which are small-scale, fast-paced battles with three teams of four players. Besides, you can see a new 12-player Trial, called Halls of Fabrication, which features both a Normal and Veteran version. And you also will find a lot new item sets, Motifs, homes and furnishings, collectibles, titles, and even dyes.

I think you must be very looking forward the new game after understanding so many new items in Morrowind, me too! but we just need wait one more month, we could get it and explore a new world in Morrowind! please keep going concern if you know more details about the Morrowind, ESO gold or ESO power leveling!