The Elder Scrolls Online Released New Incremental Patch v3.2.7

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-10-30 14:39:01
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The Elder Scrolls Online released its latest incremental patch v3.2.7 which is approximately 128MB. The patch implement fixes not only on Eclipse, Petrify, Rune Prison, but in guild invites and the Uppercut ability. Check the detailed patch notes below.





Fixed an issue where your game could crash while carrying the Chaosball.



Asylum Sanctorium Trial


Fixed an issue where Saint Felms would not consistently use his Shrapnel Storm ability during the encounter with Saint Olms.




You will no longer become blocked if you collect all the Precursor components before attempting to do the quest "The Precursor".




Exarchs' Egress: Ssatinot’s Terrorize ability now has appropriate audio.

Of Knives and Long Shadows: Fixed an issue where the conversation with Lilatha would occasionally not advance, preventing you from completing this quest.

Where Shadows Lie: Nocturnal’s lines now have appropriate otherworldly effects with no discernable source.





Fixed an issue where enemies using the Uppercut ability would cause your character’s health to desync.

        • Note: This is an effort to also fix the issue where your character would take a painful trip around the world or even through walls. Ouch.

Fixed an issue where the following abilities and their morphs could not be cast against blocking enemies:

        • Eclipse

        • Petrify

        • Rune Prison





        • Scatter Shot: Fixed an issue where the tooltip text on this ability and its morphs were incorrectly referring to their stun effect as a disorient.


Item Sets


Crushing Wall (Maelstrom Destruction Staff): Fixed an issue where multiple player characters could not benefit from this set against the same enemy.





Adjusted the following Trial encounters to be more forgiving against player character pets:

        • The Warrior

        • Vashai and S'Kinrai

        • Zhaj'hassa the Forgotten




Fixed an issue where your game could crash when viewing artificially-created item links in chat.