The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited PC Tricks

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-06-09 15:16:42
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A continuation we indicate a number of tips and tricks of The Elder Scroll Online for PC and it will surely harn the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try playing without using them to get the maximum juice to the gaming experience, but you may be very helpful for certain achievements. Anyway, and as always … t opt.



Reset the skills and attributes
For resetting the skills and attributes of your character, go to one of three areas of Sanctuary that are in the game, depending on your faction. The paste unique is that you need to have a high level character to enter the areas in who are these shrines. To reach the sanctuary of the faction Aldmeri Dominion, go to Grahtwood, and seeks the three shrines in this area. One of these sanctuaries is to reset your attributes and one for resetting your skill points. To reset both skill points as attributes You’ll have to donate gold, the amount dependent on your level, although usually high.

Extra inventory slots

Immediately to increase your inventory space since the beginning of the game when you reach the first city go to the market and talk with traders. Dirgete to the merchant bag and add 10 slots in your inventory just for 400 gold pieces. Ms get 10 slots, will cost 2000 gold pieces ms. In this way podrs increase inventory slots to a maximum of 110.

Becoming Vampire
To become a vampire, you must first get the infection vamprica, with the exception of if you’re a werewolf or werewolf disease, in this case podrs not become a vampire. There are two ways of getting vampirism, or infect. First you can find vampires in the advanced levels of Tamriel. Vampires estn in special places such as (similar to the dungeons or battle sites checked) marked by the symbol of a crescent moon. You’ll have to get the vampire bite you to contract vampirism, after this the search “descendant of the Midwife Blood” appear in your journal. Successfully complete the search and podrs become a vampire or cure of the disease. The second way to get infect of the disease is to get another infected with vampirism player bite you in a place of ritual vamprico to contract it.

There is a period of 7 days of incubacin of the disease and between every bite. But it’s a decision that debers think and to be a vampire has advantages and disadvantages. Ganars a new line of skill in the submenu of skills, and your avatar experience four stages of vampricos effects

Step 1 (30 minutes):
+ 50% weakness to fire damage
Step 2 (60 minutes).
Regeneration health -25%, + 50% weakness to fire damage, -20% cost of health vampricas skills
Stage 3 (90 minutes).
Regeneration health -50%, + 50% weakness to fire damage, -40% cost of health vampricas skills
Stage 4 (90+ minutes).
Regeneration health -75%, + 50% weakness to fire damage, -60% cost of health vampricas skills.

Vampires are always vulnerable to fire and health vampricas skills cost rather than magic. In the lower stages of vampirism ms You’ll have to feed you human opponents. Use invisibility or Nightcrawler to human hunts much more fciles.

Transform into Werewolf
To transform into a werewolf, You’ll have to first get the disease. Podrs not the disease of the Werewolf, if you’re a vampire or have the disease of vampirism. There are two ways of getting the disease.

Will you be able to find Werewolves in advanced levels of the game, such as Crack. When you are attacked by a werewolf contraers sanies Lupinus disease. Ests Once infected, the search “The gift Hircine” appear in your journal. Once you have successfully completed the search podrs choose between cure of the disease or become a werewolf. The other way to become a werewolf is to get another player infected with the disease of the Werewolf, you bite following the ritual of Blood Moon (there should be a period of seven days between each bite). Once you’ve become Werewolf podrs use the skill of “Transformation” to become and use the special abilities of this breed. While ests transformed into a werewolf and skills estn active USARS stamina. There is no obvious weakness for Werewolves, but are vulnerable to the skills of the warriors. Nor they have the need to feed in the same way that vampires, although debers get more skill points higher to take advantage of the benefits of this race.

How to manage inventory
There are multiple ways to manage your inventory so that there is always full. This uses the trick of “extra inventory slots” slots to increase your inventory. There is also a way to keep your onjetos in a warehouse or bank, so that you can put up a total of 60 elements in the bank (all users of this bank can use these elements).

Another good tip is using inventory and improve your horse point improvement investing in this element. Anyway, what you should always be clear is that you put in the inventory only what you really need and move from random items which do not normally have little value. Another interesting thing is trying to learn the maximum possible recipes, because in this way transform podrs up to six ingredients with little value in much more valuable tems, so much podrs download your inventory (how many more recipes learn more valuable and powerful items potions podrs get) and get a good amount of gold. You can also give tems do not want other players in the game.