The Elder Scrolls Online Vanity Pets List

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-03-30 15:55:21
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After numerous requests in zone chat for us to explain how we got our hands on ___ pet, we’ve decided to just write up a guide for the good people of Tamriel. This guide is up to date as of 7/25/2014, and information will become outdated over time. As such, we will try and keep it updated, sometimes publishing new editions with major updates.



This guide will only list pets currently in the hands of players in the game, including those given out in error.
Nibenay Mudcrab-Obtainable by purchasing or upgrading to the Imperial Edition.
Rufous Mudcrab-Accidentally sent out to those that purchased the Imperial Edition at launch. As of the publication of this guide, there is no way to obtain this pet in game. The Rufous is shade or two lighter than it’s Nibenay cousin.
Scuttler-Obtained through the Explorer’s Pack, which was given to those that preordered.

Imgakin-Obtained by playing in the beta. You can purchase a code for $15 USD.
Monkey-Like the Rufous Mudcrab, this monkey pet was given out in error, and is otherwise currently unobtainable. The monkey’s fur is a dark brown, while the imgakin’s is tan.
Bristlegut Piglet-Obtainable by visiting the ESO booth at any con in 2014. You can purchase a code on eBay, or with in-game gold here. I personally paid 60k for my pig, however prices vary wildly and can go for anywhere from 10k to 200k.
Pet Wolfhound-Obtainable only by purchasing the Imperial Edition on Steam by 7/21/2014. The vanity pet is attached to new accounts, and codes cannot be purchased.

Pet Crony Scrib-Obtainable by purchasing the Fighters Guild Journeyman in Akaviri Armor with Pony Guar Petfigurine, sold exclusively at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con. The figurine is made by Symbiote Studios.
Razak’s Toy Spider-Obtainable by completing the quest in the public dungeon Razak’s Wheel, in southern Bangkorai.
Pet Pony Guar-Obtainable by purchasing the guar plushie.