The Elder Scrolls Online Will Receive Xbox One X Support This Year

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-10-09 05:52:37
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The Elder Scrolls Online is an online role-playing game from the series of Elder Scrolls, Bethesda and ZeniMax, which was released in 2014 and has been sponsored by developers on a regular basis with updates. Now in the latest game news, it's announced that the game will support the Xbox One Xbox console. Game developers announced the release of tweets, adding that the update 16  will add support for the console. It's not clear, however, that The Elder Scrolls Online will benefit from the features of the Microsoft Midlife Console, but we will probably see it run at a higher resolution with better graphics.



The Elder Scrolls Online will be another of the more than one hundred titles already existing that will be optimized for the new Xbox One X of Microsoft.


Its developers have revealed that the update to take advantage of the hardware of Xbox One X will be published later this year, coinciding with the release of update 16. Of course, the update 16 will also provide us with a pile of bug fixes and fine-tuning - for all platforms - and Xbox One X support will only be one extra in the line. This update is known to also adds a new DLC called Clockwork City, which for the experience of its content, you must have purchased the Morrowind Expansion Pack. 


Of course, the update itself will be available for all the game's users, and all of these people will benefit from the features of Microsoft's new console, but what they have not explained is what improvements there will be for One X in the MMORPG, although we assume that, among others, will have rendered to 4K. It should be recalled that updates for the Xbox One X gaming unit will support the 4K resolution, HDR and a number of other graphical interface improvements.


The Elder Scrolls Online was originally released in 2014 for PC, and later versions were released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. According to Bethesda, the multiplayer RPG has more than ten million users.