The ElderScrolls Online Full Trading Guide

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-08-22 05:47:26
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Trading is the activity of buying and selling goods between other players, especially on large scales, and is one of the most profitable businesses in the game. Trading is not for everyone, although it does not require any skill points — it does require a lot of Gold, Knowledge of Supply & Demand, and maybe an add-on or two to be an exceptionally good Trader.



Now I will explain the Basics of Trading, my Recommended Requirements, and some Tricks of the Trade. Be aware that Trading is not for everyone, but for those who really enjoy doing business ;)

Basics of Trading
There are two big rules to being a successful Trader…
1 — Buy low, sell high.
2 — Find out what players want, then find a way to give it to them.

You should pay attention to Zone and Guild Chat, find out what items are popular and what they are going for in regards to prices. Some items are very flexible in prices, others (such as rare Motifs) are a little harder to budge the prices since a lot of players know their value.

There are two main ways of finding buyers for your goods.
1 — Socially,
Finding players in Zone or Guild Chat is a quick way to sell goods, and avoid taxes. You can also advertise your price of buying/selling and wait for them to whisper you.
2 — Guild Stores,
The easiest way of selling goods, you will pay a small tax to the Guild — but may also list many things for sale at once, giving more free time to work on other things. Remember, Time is Money.

Trading Requirements
If you plan on buying and selling in large amounts, you will need decent amount of Gold to start off your capital, at least ~20,000g. Your buying power will allow you to take advantage of all the good deals or “underpriced” listings you come across — then over time you can flip them for profits.

You will also need a good understanding of Supply and Demand, more experienced players will typically do a lot better at Trading for Profit than newer players, due to the fact they have been around longer and have seen what is popular and what they go for.

Being a Successful Trader
The most profitable Guilds typically station their Guild Traders in well populated areas where players of all levels can be found. And obviously, Veteran Players will have a lot more Gold to spend, and typically pay higher than average prices for most goods.

Faction Capitals are among the most popular areas for Veteran Players, a long with Craglorn and Rawl’kha in Reaper’s March (a small town with all services really close together). These Guild Traders are in prime locations, and usually sell goods for higher than average prices — and trust me, people still buy their goods like it’s going out of style.

Also, keep in mind that you should be in at least one lower class Trading Guild… Why? “Buy low, sell high.” Guilds with lower average pricings tend to give really good deals on certain items, I have found MANY items for 75% less than their average value. Then, you can switch to your “Major Trading Guild” Store which sells items for higher, and make a large profit from it.

There are many, many ways to make a profit from Trading, I cannot tell you “the good stuff” to keep an eye out for, you have to learn more as you go, Trading is an Art; or as I like to call it “Economical PvP” ;) sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll lose — but your best bet for procurement is to stay away from risky trades (low % margins on Master-Merchant)