The ElderScrolls Online Guide to the Dungeon Worries for the new-ish players

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-01-21 17:23:48
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I'd like to explain this a bit to the new-ish players. It's a hefty read, sorry about that, but for anyone who's worried about end game dungeons, or mad about getting kicked from them, it might help, truly. Please try and understand the perspective.

A geared and experienced team enters a vet dungeon. Each dps will do 20k, most bosses will fall below 20s. Tank is not even needed for most, still he's an immortal beast with all mobs' eyes on him. Healer spams shards, buffs and orbs and the team blasts through the whole thing.
A mediocre team enters a vet dungeon. Each dps will do at least 10k, they will avoid red circles and react to any "special" boss mechanics. The tank will keep aggro on boss/main ad and so others won't get oneshot by heavy attacks. The healer will throw a ward whenever anyone goes low, else spamming other heals. The dungeon will take a while, but it'll be fine, regular experience.

Now, a new/rp build player enters a vet dungeon. They do around 3k dps since they never bothered to check it or improve it. They don't really roll dodge since they never got used to it. They have no idea about special mechanics since they never asked (!). The healer will keep throwing heals, often dying since he's focused on group bars. The tank won't know which mob to focus on, often facing mobs towards the group and again, not knowing mechanics. There will be wipes, bosses will take absolute ages to kill.

If you're very new you probably fall into the third category. So it is with the players who complain about being forced into min maxing during their first gold pledge. It's not the case at all. See, it is really, really, REALLY easy to put yourself into the second category, where noone apart from absolute jerk elitists (of which there isn't many in eso) can complain about your performance.

1).You do NOT need any specific class/race combo for it. Argonian sorc tank, bring it. People might make the point that it's not optimal, but if you do well otherwise, it's not an issue.
2).You do however need the right set of skills for your role. Ask in your guild, zone chat, or right here, it's so so easy to get your bars set up perfectly, and you're not forced to use the same setup outside dungeons at all. You also should light attack weave (left button click right after every ability use).
3).Better gear means better results. Again, guildies and zone chat will craft whatever set you need. Try it instead of fighting it, it's actually really nice to 3shot mammoths in Wrothgar. Yellow upgrades and v16 materials will get to you over time, you won't have the best things to begin with, it's a process. Start with v15 (or whatever level you are) purples, get the right enchants, traits, food and potions and see where that gets you. Spoiler alert: it will get you to 10k dps easily.
4).(PC optional) I would really recommend installing a dps meter, even if just for a bit. Only enable the little dps bar, see what sort of range you fit in on single target. Being aware of how you're doing helps a TON in improving. Maybe you think you're doing well when in fact you're at 3k dps which is just not good enough for vet dungeons and super easy to improve from.
5).If you are running a dungeon for the first time, for the love of god say it right at the start and ask for people to let you know if there are any special mechanics in it. It's your insurance. If you don't and then the team wipes multiple times because you have no idea what to do, it's your fault only that they kick you.

Now, if you are not willing to put in any effort into it, I don't see why you think that you're entitled to finishing a dungeon, getting loot, skill point or an achive. The nature of group content is that it requires some amount of work, both as a player and as a team (the price of success etc), and as far as MMOs go, eso players still have it very very easy.

tldr: With all due respect, put any sort of bloody effort into not being a vegetable in a dungeon, and all your woes will magically disappear.