The ElderScrolls Online New Thieves Guild Short Preview

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-01-26 18:08:25
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Here’s a nice and quick trailer showcasing the familiar Thieves Guild in their debut in Elder Scrolls Online. The Thieves Guild is an upcoming DLC expansion for the one time pay-to play MMORPG. As the name suggests, it will come with the Thieves Guild in which you can enlist and be a part of in order to further your roguish antics. Aside from that, the expansion will also have a new zone, a 12-player raid and even more story-related content.

The expansion was announced at Quake Con 2015 with only slight mentions as to what the expansion will contain. As more content comes to Elder Scrolls Online, even more expansions are promised for the game as it develops. As of now, there is no finalized date of release for the Thieves Guild expansion.

Thieves Guild follows on from the previous expansions for Elder Scrolls Online including the Orsinium and Imperial City expansion. The next expansion to come out after the Thieves Guild is the Dark Brotherhood. As more content is added in, the Elder Scrolls Online continues to keep trucking on to create a multiplayer Elder Scrolls experience; the ‘dream game’.