The ElderScrolls Online PVP Guide

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-06-12 10:36:54
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PvP in The Elder Scrolls Online takes place entirely in Cyrodiil, an active PvP zone at the heart of the game’s map. This is a giant raid zone that pits all three factions against one another in a similar fashion to “RvRvR” battles from some other MMOs (realm vs realm vs realm), but instead of it being realms, it is literally everyone on the opposite faction ss there really is only one realm due to megaserver technology.



You can enter Cyrodiil at level 10 by pressing the “L” key and joining Cyrodiil. There are about 10 Cyrodiil instances as of this writing, so all of the game’s players (everyone in a region is on the same megaserver) are split up amongst just 10 total Cyrodiil instances. This means that there are literally hundreds of players for each side fighting at the same time in one Cyrodiil.

Players work to take various points around the map, as doing so offers buffs and bonuses to the factions that are desirable. In this section, I will be providing some general tips to increasing both your success and rewards in PvP.

Tip1. Do the Repeatable Quests
The repeatable quests you can pick up at the bounty boards (do the PvP tutorial if you do not know what I am talking about) are great for experience, PvP rank, and PvP currency. The most important one is the kill 20 players quest, as you can complete this in a few minutes if you are in an active raid of players.Turning in this quest will provide you with experience, gold, items (in the mail) and PvP currency, which is needed for step 2.

Tip2. Buy Siege Weapons
If you want to be useful in PvP and actually make a difference, you need to buy and use siege weapons. These can be purchased from the siege weapons vendor in the PvP town (near the bounty boards). Catapults are great for killing players, trebuchets destroy buildings, and ballistae destroy enemy siege weapons. You should carry all three on you and use whichever is appropriate for the situation. They only cost around 1800 PvP tokens (you get 1000 for completing the kill 20 players quest) and you can pack up the Siege Weapons and reuse them (you only lose them when they get destroyed).

Tip3. Use Forward Camps Intelligently
The Forward Camp is much more expensive but even more powerful than a Siege Weapon. It allows your faction to respawn at wherever you set it up instead of all the way back at a graveyard. You need these to capture enemy keeps as it allows you to respawn close to the keep you are attacking. These cost a lot more resources but you can easily get tens of thousands of PvP tokens by chaining the kill 20 players quest, so you can afford them.

Tip4. Remember to Break Off-Balance
If you do end up engaging in direct combat with other players, remember that you can break the off-balance status effect. I mentioned that you can break off-balance by using interrupt (hold right click, tap left click). If you forget that you can break this, other players will stunlock you and PvP will not be very fun.