The ElderScrolls Online Rings of Mara Guide

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-10-07 03:14:32
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Similar to previous titles in the series, such as Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls Online allows players to get married, or at least bind each other together virtually. In order to do this at least one player must have purchased the Imperial Edition of the game because it is currently the only version that comes with the Rings of Mara, a set of jewelry items that must be used to get married.


As mentioned above, players that purchased the Imperial Edition of ESO will have received a pair or rings as bonus content. These are called the Rings of Mara. In order to get married players must equip the rings (1 on each character) and then perform the Ritual of Mara. This process will bind the 2 players and anytime they are playing with each other in a group both players will receive a 10% bonus to earned experience

In order to carry out the Ritual of Mara both players must travel to a symbol of Mara. These are found in the same areas as the rededication shrines that are used to reset player skills and attributes. Once there, the player that has the Imperial Edition of the game must then equip the Pledge of Mara item to a quickslot.

After that this player needs to hit the quickslot button while targeting the player he/she wants to marry. Then simply select the Pledge of Mara from the quickslot menu. Upon doing this a dialog box should appear asking for confirmation of the action of binding the two players in marriage. Both players must agree to the action.

Once both players confirm that they wish to move forward a short animation sequence will play. After that both players will have rings placed in their inventory. In order to activate the experience bonus associated with the Rings of Mara both players must have the rings equipped to their character and be grouped together.

Just like in real life, there are some issues you may run into with your marriage on Elder Scrolls Online. You should always select your partner very carefully. Make sure it’s someone that will be on often, especially during the same time periods that you are. And also make sure it’s not just a random player because, unfortunately, there is no option to divorce and use the rings again.

So, if you select someone, perform the ritual, and then that player decides to leave ESO or just flat out ignore you online, you’ve just completely wasted your boost. So make sure you choose your partner wisely.