The ElderScrolls Online Shrine Guide

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-05-30 11:21:32
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In cities across Tamriel players will find things called Shrines each of which offers players it’s own unique service. There is a total of three different services these shrines provide which are a reset of players skill points, a reset of players attribute points and the ability for two players to “marry” each other in what is called The Ritual of Mara. Whilst the resetting of skill and attribute points require only gold the ritual of Mara requires an item called the Pledge of Mara which is currently exclusive to those who have purchased the imperial edition upgrade of the game.

With the exception of the Shrine to Mara shrines across each faction have different names, for the Daggerfall Covenant they are the called the Shrine to Akatosh and the Shrine to Stendarr whilst the Ebonheat Pact have the Shrine to Stuhn and the Shrine to Kyne and the Aldmeri Dominion have a Shrine to Auriel as well as a Shrine to Stendarr of their own.

Shrines can be found in cities across Tamriel, in the starting towns only the Shrine to Mara will be available while the Shrine to Stendarr/Sthun and the Shrine to Akatosh/Auriel/Kyne can be found next to each other along with a Shrine to Mara in each faction’s capital city (Wayrest, Elden Root and Mournhold). To locate the shrines open you map whilst in a city (default key M) and look for the icon that resembles an hour glass.


The first of the shrines you will encounter is the Shrine to Mara which allows players with the item Pledge of Mara to “marry” another player in what is called the Ritual of Mara. Only players who purchase the imperial edition upgrade to the game will receive the Pledge of Mara however the item can be used with players who only have the standard edition and while there is no restrictions to race or gender you can not currently Mara someone of an opposing faction.

To use the shrine the player with the Pledge of Mara needs to approach it with their intended and use the pledge while targeting the other player, the pledge is used via the quick slot (default key Q) in the same manner as potions, maps, etc. A short animation will take place and upon completion both players will receive a Ring of Mara which grants a 10% boost to XP while both players are online


A common feature in a lot of MMOs is the ability to reset or as it is more commonly known Respec your skill points. Elder Scrolls Online is no different offering players the option to respec all their skill points for a fee at the Shrine to Stendarr/Sthun. The Shrine to Stendarr/Sthun can be used simply by interacting with it via the action key (default E). It will present the player with the option to reset their skill points for a fee which increases by 100g per skill point, ESO support also states that cost will increase each time a player resets their skills but does not specify by how much.

The Shrine to Akatosh/Auriel/Kyne allows players to reset all of their attribute points (stamina, magicka, health). As with the Shrine to Stendarr/Sthun they are used via the action key (default E) and the cost increases per each point reset and number of times they have been reset.