The fastest way to end game by grinding mobs with minimal questing

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-05-08 03:16:46
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This guide a combined effort to find the fastest way possible to end game by grinding mobs with minimal questing (Cause RP quest noobz yo). The numbers beside the circled spots are mob levels you can stay in the spot for up to 6 levels of that number and you can go to the next spot depending on your skill level, but time to kill is a big factor so don't leave a good thing too early.

It is designed with a group of 2 (to 4) in mind and a lot of the spots can only support one or two groups but there are back up areas if your spot is crowded. Mobs in open world spots give more XP than solo dungeon mobs but dungeon mobs spawn faster. So only use dungeons as back up. Outside you should be leveling at a rate of 1 level in 20 mins and 30 mins in a solo dungeon.

There are 2 maps for the first zone, the first is mostly mob grinding and the second is fast quests.

In Deshaan you will want to grind the zombies in the level 17 spot then move way east and grind the human mobs in the level 22 swamp area.

In Shadowfen the level 25 area is very fast and safe, just plan out a route and kill then pack by pack as fast as possible for max XP. Then head down to the level 28 area at the bottom and this is VERY FAST levels, it can hold 2 groups too if you share properly. We done a few 12 min levels here. And stayed here right upto 34.

Eastmarch is a bad map, I don't like it we stayed in the previous zone untill lvl 34 so we could skip this whole map. If you find good spots then let us know.

The Rift is a very good map too, If you can handle it at lvl 34 you should head straight to the zombies at the level 41 spot and just grind like a boss to 47. It will be very busy and fast paced there, could support 6 people don't know about more.

After 47 you could get a tele to Coldharbour and quest/grind or do the main story quest yourself (which you will need anyway to start the Vet Ranks)!