The guide to buy eso gold with paypal

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-04-04 03:31:32
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The Elder Scrolls Online is a popular role-playing computer fantasy game played online which is finally released. It is centered around a place of elves and warriors where magic is a central theme of combat. When you first start playing ESO you need to upgrade weapons and spells by purchasing them using gold as your currency. After a while you may run out and it is necessary to get more gold. Buying ESO gold through the Internet eliminates this problem.



Go to the and select your server name from the drop down menu.Choose how much gold you want from the drop down menu next to "Select Product." Gold amounts range from 3k to 500k . Remember that the more gold you want, the higher the price will be.But the more u buy the more money u can save .


Choose USD next to currencies. Fill in your correct order information including your full name, character name, email address and country.Choose your payment method. Select either paypal or Western Union.Paypal is more convenient actually.And lastly,Agree to the terms of service and click "Check Out" to complete your order.