The Lastest Class Ability Changes in The Elderscrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-06-05 11:01:17
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The ESO teams take extra time with class and ability balance issues and bugs, and they have to be very careful not to do too much too quickly or balance can swing wildly. All customers feedback is taken seriously, and they’ll continue to work on character build and balance issues on an ongoing basis.The ESO tean rencently said.


Here are some of the class changes that they’re working on as part of regular maintenance patches:
1.The Dragonknight is still a bit stronger than intended, and they’ll be making some small changes over time to the class. Their intent—no matter what you read on the internet—is not to nerf DKs into Oblivion (so to speak), but to continue tweaking them until they are in line with the survivability of the other classes.

2.They also know that Nightblades are reporting they are underpowered. The Team know all about this, as their main character is a Nightblade, and He’ve been running into some of these same issues themselves. Again, just like the DK, They’re not going to make wholesale changes quickly; instead, They’re going to make small, incremental adjustments until NB class abilities fall in line with other class abilities.

3.Also, The team sincerely apologize for not having the Biting Jabs change documented in a patch note when Update 1 went live. This was an oversight, not a nefarious omission by design. They have clearly documented many other ability nerfs in the past—they just missed this one in the massive Update 1 patch.

4.Ultimate spamming is a problem in PvP. They’ll address it on an ongoing basis.