The Next Elder Scrolls Improvements Wishlist

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-06-13 15:36:46
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Like many people, I LOVE Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls series in general. Playing it so frequently, though, makes me notice the things I don't like so much.Like the combat- Dark Souls makes Skyrim seem inept.And the skills are unbalanced- a stealth-based character will have a much easier time than a combat or magic-focused one. Light armor has much fewer drawbacks than heavy armor and shares the same armor cap.



And the guild quests have relatively few options when deciding the plot- how many of you have felt that the Companions would be better-suited fighting Stormcloaks or Imperials than some random animals, that there should be some other reward for destroying the Dark Brotherhood, that you should be able to proceed with the Thieves' Guild quest without selling your soul to Nocturnal, and that your Orc barbarian probably isn't qualified to lead the College of Winterhold?

Here are some of our wishlist for the next eso improvements:
1).Expand factions and make them more rewarding but more restrictive, similar to Morrowind. In fact, bring back favored skills and rank requirements. People can still master all, but I’d like to see more immersion and rewards for rolling specific character archetypes. The inclusion of more playstyle-neutral factions would help justify this a bit more.

2).Less developer reliance on quest markers. Notably a return of descriptive quest text.

3).More tactical gameplay and world building “theming.” For example, having to bring resist/cure poison items into a falmer cave or face serious risk of dying. Or how you knew to bring restore strength potions into ancestral tombs in Morrowind. This can scale with difficulty, with easy being whatever, and legendary forcing you to prep up before the dungeon or face a much, much more difficult battle. This also coincides with more descriptive quests. If possible, having smarter and more tactical enemies would be a lot of fun too, e.g. melee bandits blocking you from reaching the archers or healers.

4).It’d also be nice if alchemy followed more themes, i.e. pick mushrooms for stat recover, so I didn’t feel the pressure to obsessively collect everything in sight and end up with 100 lbs of alchemy mats I’ll never use but “might need one time.”

5).More disparity between normal and power attacks. It gets super tedious having to button mash through giant piles of health when you’re at no risk of dying.

6).Give crafting a smaller role, possibly remove them as traditional skills and give them a role more similar to werewolf/vampire perks.

7).More non-combat gameplay.

8).Just more world building and less “themeparking” overall. Skyrim was fun but it felt less memorable and poignant than any of its predecessors. The lore is one of TES’s biggest strengths, it’s wrong not to lean into it.

9).More Daedric spheres to visit!