The Things That You Will Meet at Level 50

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-03-22 03:05:45
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The Elder Scrolls Online has tone of post - game content. And the endgame does more than just allow players to do new missions and use new gear. It opens up the world of Tamriel and allows players to visit places they've never been to and fight enemies far more powerful than any they have previously faced.


The things that you would meet at level 50 is really exciting like the following:



Doesn't End Leveling

Once you reach level 50, you will begin leveling as a Veteran. You acquire Veteran Ranks the same way you obtained the first 50 levels, and you still gain skill and stat points for each Veteran level.


You obtain Veteran Ranks through normal experience points, so completing quests and running dungeons will still continue to give you experience to level up. Leveling is slower, so it will take awhile. Make sure to employ any bonus experience point items you may have, such as the Ring of Mara which are obtained through a marriage ritual.



Travel the World

Once you unlock Veteran content, you'll gain access to a second of the three faction zones of Tamriel. The breadth of what you'll be able to explore effectively doubles. You'll have the opportunity to visit familiar areas from Elder Scrolls series games which have previously been denied to you.


These zones come equipped with their regular quest content upgraded to be appropriate to your power level as well as vendors and important locations.


You'll also gain access to the new faction's Veteran Dungeon content. 



Veteran Dungeons & Items

Once you reach the Veteran levels, some new gear becomes available to you. This gear is very powerful, allowing you to increase your strength beyond anything a level 50 could acquire.


These items are obtained from Veteran Dungeons, much tougher than any Dungeons you've faced before. They require everyone on your team to be at their best, working together with superb coordination. Veteran dungeons have been continuously added over time.



Pick up a Craft

One of the things you will notice at 50 and beyond is all the crafting materials you will have no use for. Well, make a use for them by picking up a craft!


Deconstructing all the gear you no longer need can make leveling a craft skill a breeze. Even if you opt not to craft, you can level up Blacksmithing and Clothing enough to unlock the passives that reward more materials for each Deconstruct. This will give you more items to sell each time you deconstruct something, providing you more gold in the long run!


Collect all the Skyshards

You can never have too many Skill Points, so once you reach 50, why not go around collecting all those Skyshards you missed? Although your core skill tree may be maxed and you have no immediate need for more points, having extra is always nice. You can pour them into less mandatory skills, like crafting, or level up some of the skills from other skill trees so you can mix things up once and awhile. You will also unlock a bunch of achievements for collecting all the shards, another bonus on top of the already awesome skill point reward.



Jumping into some Player vs Player content is a great test of any level 50 player. Although you can jump in at any time, being a level 50 will mean you have the best gear and the most advanced skills possible. This effect will be amplified once you get some Veteran levels and obtain the powerful gear associated with them, allowing you to tear your way through the battlefields of Cyrodiil. It'll give you a better chance a winning, becoming the crowned Emperor / Empress, and lower level players will be fodder to your attacks.


New Content is on the Way!

Zenimax Online Studios has already release Craglorn, a whole new zone that is specifically designed for level 50 and above players. Here you will find much harder enemies, tough dungeons and large, 12 player content. More content will keep coming, so you'll never be at a loss for things to do.


Lycanthropy & Vampirism

Although available throughout the lower levels, it useful to remember that a Veteran player can radically change their game play by becoming a Vampire or Werewolf. Either get bitten in a lucky event or have another Vampire or Werewolf player bit you. Mind you, that tends to cost a heafty sum, but you'll make your gold back.


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