Three Easy Ways to Get Rich in ElderScrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-10-28 11:39:21
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It is important to know different ways to obtain teso gold, and it is necessary to know how you can better prepare for the quests. eso gold is the only currency used in The Elder Scrolls Online to buy eso items. Without eso gold, you can hardly go on in the game and you will find you need your armors and weapons upgraded to compete with your enemies, or you will definitely lose. So what are the ways to obtain eso gold?


The original and basic way is to earn some. Doing a quest rewards you a certain mount of eso gold. Looting enemies and killing monsters helps you farm eso gold. But this only satisfies a small part of eso gold you need when adventuring in Tamriel and it takes time.

The economic way is to do some business. Those pieces you gathered on the roadside or dungeons or anywhere else can be sold to other players or vendors. Just remember to pick up everything you can find (make sure you have enough bank space to store them). Crafting is a better way since those pieces you pick may worth very little gold, while by crafting, elite eso items and weapons can be made. So it’s the best if you are a skilled crafter, then those items you make can really help you get rich.

The direct way is to buy eso gold. If you find the above two ways are not the right ways you can handle, go to an online shop and buy some. A lot of online shops provide a service like this and it won’t take you too much money. As far as I know, offers cheap eso gold with fast delivery. Buying eso gold makes you rich at once.