Tips for crafting equipment in ElderScrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-08-12 11:00:29
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Players are certainly familiar with equipment. Equipment has its own attributes. A certain amount of equipment can activate the corresponding effects. ESO equipment is not exception. But a set of ESO equipment have its own shapes (except equipment dropped from a particular BOSS in dungeons), because there are quite a few types of ESO suits to be made by players themselves and those equipment appearance is decided by players. Basically, a set of equipment includes three items. Of course, there are four items or five items in a set. The following screenshot is the equipment dropped from a elite boss in Veteran Dungeon. According to equipment attributes and set attributes, we can know that the equipment is a Tank item for PVE.


There are no more than 16 dungeons in The Elder Scrolls Online. Because of too much players in PTS, I just kill a few common bosses, let alone elite bosses. I set the items from the bosses in dungeons aside here and mainly introduce the equipment made by players, which are sets manufactured in the wild works.

Pay attention to some tips about crafting equipment as follows:
I. There are special marks to show equipment manufacturing platforms on the maps. But the platforms are indicated by the like-eye pictures on some maps. I suspect that the problems will be solved and there are specific marks for manufacturing platforms after the game is launched.

II. Players can add the attributes of the manufacturing platforms to any armor and weapons. Moreover, there is limit of tge quality and materials of equipment. For example, you can make a low level axe on the platform with high level. The axe has the attributes which the platform has, but its special attribute value is varied with its quality. Please, note that value can increase with quality. Materials have no effect on value. (Materials like Iron, steel and ebony and so on; quality is marked by different colors. For instance, the green items is good, the blue excellent and the purple unique.)

III. The only restriction of equipment craft is that every item has fixed and learned quantity requirements. The items for different body parts and type requirement are separate. For example, a set of equipment requires three learned attributes. Thus, you just only make the items for the same body parts with three attributes which you’ve studies to gain. May I remind that you keep the investigable items and study them as early as possible if you want to manufacture equipment. Otherwise, you can just cry on manufacturing platforms when you find the items you are very interested in.