Tips to Fast Kill Captain Blackheart in ESO Blackheart Haven Dungeon

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-08-19 17:41:38
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The Blackheart Haven is a Dungeon at level 40 in The Elder Scrolls Online. There are three bosses for you to fight in the dungeon.Captain Blackheart is the final boss in the Blackheart Haven. How to fast kill Captain Blackheart?



Boss’s skills:
1. In the first 10~15 seconds of the fight, the boss will change a random player into a skeleton who will lose all skills and remote attack except that the skeleton just uses common attacks in 20 seconds.
2. Summon skeletons.
There are two types of skeletons: one is the melee attack skeletons with 400 Health use Charge; the other is the remote attack skeletons is about 900 Health. Those skeletons will rush to attack you like a steady stream. Although the damage from skeletons is the same damage as the boss, you are hit and lose some Health. (The skeleton player can attack the remote skeletons summoned by the boss.)

There are 3 different ways to kill the boss.
1. The most fun way is to have double roles. One dps puts sword and shield on his second bar, the other one a healing staff. Then you alwas have a tank and a healer no matter who will be turned.
If you do enough damage you can burst him down. Start the fight with fully charged ultimates, ignore the adds and everyone does as much damage as possible (the tank should still taunt and the healer do some heals while dpsing).
2. If you want to "cheat" the mechanics you can stack behind the rock in the right corner of the beach. Then all archers have to come in melee range to damage you and you can kill them fast with aoe damage (you will still be turend, but that shouldn't be a problem)
3. Gameplay of a team with DK tank, DK healer, DK dps, NB dps

As a DK tank, I advise you to have Igneous Shields in one of your bars, to protect your teammates in case the healer goes bones, and of course Green Dragon Blood as a self heal.
The DK dps should have Green Dragon Blood too.
The DK healer should have hots on everyone and spam springs -> if he is turned you still have at least 15 to 20 sec of heals. Igneous Shields is a must have as a DK healer too.
Combat Prayer to increase the DPS of the teammates, and thus, shorten the fight is always good.
The NB if he is magicka could spam Funnel Health (single target) or Sap Essence (AoE) to heal and DPS if the healer is turned (and even if he is not turned actually)
If Stam, well.... Reaper's Mark on a little skel to kill them fast and heal (only self heal though). Double take to gain dodge and speed to kite the boss if the healer or tank are missing is a good option too.