Tips to Get Fast eso Gold by Farming Public Dungeons

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-11-28 11:59:03
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As a fan of the Elder Scrolls Online, do you have any better ways to solo world bosses or world public dungeons with Area of Effect? Have you met any trouble when you solo world bosses or dungeons already? ESO-GOLD.COM there is eso gold for sale to support you all the time.

Farm public dungeons with AOE
AoE refers to Area of Effect which is a skill to be efficient to attack the bosses in a whole area. Some players may have a doubt how to make full use of it.

Actually, there are 3 core principles for AOE builds, including Damage, Sustain, and Damage Mitigation. As for public dungeons farming, most suggestions are given around these three aspects. First, where is the main source of damage? The main source of damage is from using Impulse with Inner Light, and the secondary damage from Elemental Blockade for non-vampires and Poison Mist for vampires. Second, where is Sustain from? Generally speaking, players can get it by Critical Surge. With it, every time players crit, they can heal 65% of damage they got, and they can keep alive if a large group beats on them in a public dungeon. Last, how do players get more Damage Mitigation? Vampires can keep alive by Bound Aegis and 75% damage reduction from poison mist. And for non-vampires, they had better use Thundering Presence OR Boundless Storm to buff themselves and get an AOE Damage over Time spell.

Farm world bosses in ESO
To be honest, farming bosses in Veteran Ranks is really hard in ESO, but the proper strategy will make sense for it in some degree.

To attack the bosses with 20% health below, Endless Fury is useful. If players’ health is too slow, they should regen it by Critical Surge. Besides, players can use Velocious Curse, Crystal Fragments, and Crystal Fragments one by one until the bosses are in front of you. then, drop Storm Atronach to take them down.