Tips to get you back into ESO smoothly

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-03-21 23:29:42
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For some, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited was a sour announcement. Players who have invested money each month in a sub fee since ESO launched last April felt disenfranchised to some degree as a result of Zenimax dropping The Elder Scrolls Online mandatory subscription. Others, however, were happy to have an opportunity to return to Tamriel on their terms.


As the Inquisitr detailed earlier, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited brings a lot of new features to the table, especially the Crown Store. However, for those players who abandoned ESO early on and are thinking about jumping back in, re-adjusting to the changes made leading up to Tamriel Unlimited‘s launch can be a little daunting to some. Here are some tips to get you back into ESO smoothly.

Take Your Time Respecing Your ESO Character
Chances are, you left Tamriel before update 1.6 dropped. With this update, The Elder Scrolls Online had players “respec” their characters, thanks to some changes made with the patch. As a result, players who weren’t happy with the direction their character was progressing had a free way to re-select skills for their character. If you haven’t played Elder Scrolls Online in a while, you might be rusty on how the skills work together, so take a look at a few great resources to help out. ESO Head is a great stop for just about any data crunching skill sets you can find. Also, The Elder Scrolls Online main site does a periodic “Battlemaster’s Corner” where they showcase a community member’s build, so it’s worth a look!

Justice System Is A Thing Now
The justice system in ESO is a massive addition to the base game. If you’ve been outside of Tamriel for a while, you might forget it’s there now. No longer can you terrorize random livestock in the city. That livestock belongs to someone who might fight you for frying their chicken on the ground in front of you. You can now steal from NPCs in Elder Scrolls Online, even murder someone. However, you also have to answer to the law if you get caught. So be careful when carrying out your nefarious deeds. In fact, be careful around chickens too, or this could turn into Hyrule.

Ease Back Into Things
Take your time. Tamriel is not going anywhere, and thanks to the lack of subscription fee, you no longer need to feel pressured to play The Elder Scrolls Online because you’re paying for the sub.Enjoy your time in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.