Transmutation System - Customize Your Unique Items To Suit Way You Play

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-10-19 15:25:27
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Welcome back to another tips article for The Elder Scrolls Online. In this we will give you a Transmutation Tutorial which will help you change the Trait on your gear.



Transmutation Stations are a type of crafting station that will be introduced in Update 16 as part of the Clockwork City DLC. This crafting station will have the ability to change an item's trait in the Transmutation system, for a cost of one Transmutation Crystal.


Only one Transmutation Station can be found in in the world, at the Hall of Refined Techniques in the Clockwork City's Brass Fortress. However, stations can also be purchased as furnishing items from the Master Writ merchant and placed in player houses. As such, players without access to the Clockwork City DLC can still change traits via player housing that purchasing from Rolis Hlaalu. For players who don't own the Clockwork City DLC Game Pack, they can use crafting stations in homes they are invited to enter, too.



There are two main types of items you can transmute the Trait:


• All armors, including light, medium, and heavy pieces for all slots (head, shoulders, chest, hands, waist, legs and feet).

• All weapons, including all types of staff, two-handed weapons, one handed weapons, bows, shields and even the Asylum, Master, or Maelstrom Weapons, Monster Masks, and weapons and armors dropped from Trials or Group Dungeons.


To Transmute an item, you need to access to a Transmutation Station. Since the Transmuted items are bound to your account, you can Transmute items for your other characters. Research the desired Trait of the specific item first at a regular crafting station to know whether you have the ability to craft items with the Trait you wish to apply. Then, Transmute it with the rare Transmutation Crystals in the Transmutation Station. 



It should be noted that the crystals can only be earned from certain activities, such as daily dungeon quests, pledges, or from completing arenas.


Guaranteed drops:


• Random Daily LFG

• Undaunted Pledges

• Trial Weekly Quests

• Arena, Trial, and Battlegrounds Leaderboards

• Alliance War Campaign End Rewards

• Your first Rewards for the Worthy in a day

• Maelstrom Arena (Veteran mode only)

• Dragonstar Arena (Veteran mode only)


Chance to drop:


• Dungeon Final Bosses

• Rewards for the Worthy mails, after your first for the day (More Than One Crystals)

• Random LFGs after your first


Drop rates:


• The Weekly Veteran and Normal-mode Trial Quests now give 5 Transmute Crystals upon completion.

• Dungeon and Trial Leaderboards placement now award 5 Transmute Crystals.

• Dragonstar Arena Veteran now award 5 Transmute Crystals.

• Maelstrom Arena Veteran now award 4 Transmute Crystals.

• 7-day Cyrodiil Campaign Leaderboards will now award 10 Transmute Crystals.

• 30-day Cyrodiil Campaign Leaderboards will now award 50 Transmute Crystals.

• The Uncracked Transmutation Geodes awarded from Rewards for the Worthy mails will now give a minimum of 4 Transmute Crystals and can rarely grant as many as 25.


Anyway, it's time to earn as many Transmutation Crystals as possible and make use of the Transmutation system to change the Traits on your items!