Useful and Basic Tips for ElderScrolls Online Players

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-07-01 09:57:35
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The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is a spectacular MMO made by Bethesda. The game offers a wide amount of variety including class selection, combat, crafting, and more. Thankfully, the Elder Scrolls Online is a game that is easy to learn but has enough content to keep you coming back for hours and hours on end.



At the beginning of the game you're given an option between three factions to align yourself with. The faction you pick not only determines who you'll be fighting with during PVE (Player vs Environment) but also which continent you will start on. The overworld is split into several different sections, including the aforementioned continents, islands, and a handful of dream-like realms. Although the main quest line is the same regardless of the continent you end up on, each continent has a slew of unique side quest available to play. There's also a good amount of dungeons ranging in difficulty and the number of players required to complete them. But the heart of the Elder Scrolls Online, much like other Bethesda titles, is in the exploration and the questing. Tamriel is a beautiful setting with loads of varied locales from rain forests, deserts, and icy mountain peaks. Each individual land mass is broken up into several different zones with a recommended player level. Luckily, Bethesda has blessed us with a plethora of classes to explore this beautiful world with. All of your standard MMO classes are here with quite a few variations. Tanks, mages, healers, and damage classes are all represented here each with a unique twist. Furthermore, the class you decide on doesn't necessarily limit your skill set.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a game that embraces player choice. Whether you're a fan of exploration, questing, or PvP (Player vs Player), the Elder Scrolls Online has it all. Interestingly, the Elder Scrolls Online was previously a paid subscription MMO. Bethesda has since switched over to a free-to-play model. This makes acquiring in-game gold very important. In fact one of the most valuable items for early play is a horse. If you attempt to simply grind the gold needed to purchase one, you may end up spending dozens of hours to get there. Obtaining gold (beyond questing) does come off and grindy, but most everything else in the game does not. The regions are dense with quests and locations to explore as well as public events to take part in. Once you feel comfortable with the gameplay and have a group together, I recommend also trying out the PvP. The PvP is broken up into 7, 30, and 90 day campaigns in which you fight members of the opposing factions for control over strongholds. The PvP constantly feels hectic and the amount of other players on the screen is sometimes absolutely ridiculous. It really does feel like you're part of a giant war.

The Elder Scrolls Online also has an excellent “post level cap” feature. You will most likely hit the level cap around the same time you finish the main story, at which point the game enters “veteran ranking”. Once you reach the first “veteran rank” an entire new set of skill trees becomes available to upgrade. Not only do you have to other continents to fully explore with their own quests, but you also have new skills to upgrade as well. This is how the Elder Scrolls Online really shows off its longevity. You can expect to take upwards of 150 hours just hit the first level cap. The Elder Scrolls online is an astonishing amount of content for a standard $60 purchase.

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