Views On PVP In Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-11-10 06:48:15
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Views On PVP In Elder Scrolls Online


  In this incredible ESO game, some of the most fun I can find is, sometimes some good fights can be found and the server works well-functioning, these two things compose a joyful day in my life! Unfortunately, in recent days, both of these conditions are successfully being fulfilled less and less. What's worse, at the same time, very poor balance decision has been making by ZOS (ZENIMAX ONLINE STUDIOS). I can kill anyone less experienced than I am on my stamplar, who doesn't have a dedicated healer running with them in just a few seconds — the new enchant meta is that strong. It gives everyone access to the most powerful single-target damage source that has ever existed in the game, for free (without spending and resources). I know ZOS wants to give newer players ways to feel powerful, but that method is not right, it makes newer players die faster with no way to respond not mention collecting elder scrolls gold or many others useful stuff.


  Open world Cyrodiil is very, very fun. Sieging and defending keeps can be a blast, running with large and small groups are fun, but running around and doing some solo play can also be satisfying if you know what you are doing. The issues are sometimes nearly game-breaking though as the lag can often cripple your ability to enjoy a fight or horribly-timed load screens with cause you to lose for no reason but none of these issues have caused me to quit PvP for the past few years.

  Honestly, I love PvP in ESO, but it is easily the saltiest place in Tamriel and people have strong opinions on it. For me even with the lag and the constant introduction of some new skill or set that irritates a lot of players, the experience is still one of my all-time video game favorites. An hour-long battle fighting over Faregyl as I defend against the Ebonheart hordes where we burn their camp, they burn our camp, they burst through the inner keep doors but our oils and reinforcements destroy them and they re-group outside as we patch the two breaches and have a last-ditch battle in the field...that's some fun shit (as long as you don't blue screen and miss the AP tic or get a load screen and die outside the range of your camp).

  I have only barely dipped into PvP. The most I've done is follow people around spamming heals so I can get the Warhorn ultimate. On PS4 when I played there, I had a friend that told me not to even think about PvP till you're at least 500+CP. and you have a good set of gear for it. I listened, it's spoopy out there.

  All of those opinions are vital to the ZOS and sincerely hope they can solve those problems as soon as possible.