What are the Best Mods in Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-12-13 02:20:36
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Players love to play eso as they can play with characters to walk through gaming world without limits. They like to put mods in the game to make the game more fun. So what are the best mods in the game? Let's check the top 4 best mods in Elder Scrolls Online.


ESO mods


1. Foundry Tactical Combat

The Foundry Tactical Combat mod is a very essential one for "Elder Scrolls Online." Important combat data added like floating damage text, low health, magicka, stamina notices, and has simpler bars.


2. Wykkyd's Framework

The Wykkyds Framework is an essential mod for "Elder Scrolls Online" players who want to spice up their gameplay. It adds a lot of UI options and the Bazgrim's Toolbar that displays the current time, framerate, location, XP to next level, inventory space, gold, and many more details. This basically compresses all of the important details that players need to know in the game.


3. Wykkyd's Outfitter

The Wykkyd's Outfitter mod is a helpful one that gives convenience to the "Elder Scrolls Online" player in terms of outfit sets. For those who want to change outfits on the go without going through the menu, this mod will allow them to do it. They can bind their configurations to a key, which lets them change right away.


4. insMobs2Level

For players who want to get records of their experience after a kill, they can install the insMobs2Level mod to "Elder Scrolls Online." According to the official website of ESOUI, It adds experience gain readout to the chat log after they kill a mob, and it is great for those who calculate their experience gain during battles.


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