What are the Most "META" DPS Builds Right Now in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-05-21 13:59:48
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I'm currently running with a Stamplar, and a Mag(No-pet)Sorc. I was wanting to roll my MagSorc towards Stam, but still wanting to know if the DPS output is higher than a MagSorc.. And what about Nightblades, is it Magblade or Stamblade thats better?



What this doesn't show is survivability and ease of attaining dps numbers. From what I have read (no personal experience with blades, but have played everything else), it is my understanding that the blade class has the most difficult rotation with the sorc class having the easiest. And the sorc class have good survivability with the surge capability plus shields followed by DKs and Templars.


While many focus on "how much dps can I put out", I think about overall gameplay and how difficult it may be to stay alive and survive as well. Just something for folks to think about. FYI, I find it easiest to play my petsorc while consistently putting out damage. I don't really worry if I do something with my stamsorc or my pet magsorc. Both my stamdk and magdk have a more difficult time staying alive with world bosses in solo play.


There is one problem with this kind of thinking, and that's the fact that you need to be able to master your rotation in a vacuum (i.e. without needing to play mechanics) before you can expect to master it in an actual raid environment where you have to play mechanics.


The general way people progress through vet trials is:


  • Get to at least CP300
  • Get a good set of gear
  • Master their rotation on a dummy
  • Learn and master mechanics in the trial
  • Combine steps 3 and 4 in order to get good DPS while playing mechanics


In addition, testing in a vacuum allows us to obtain some form of standard metric by which we can compare different gear combinations and bar set-ups. Actual in-raid buff uptimes, unless you're in one of the top raiding guilds, is going to fluctuate, so testing in a vacuum helps to eliminate that variable, providing theorycrafters with a much more controlled form of testing. Don't forget to from eso-gold.com to buy eso gold, which is the one of the best Eso gold suppliers nowdays on the market!