What Do You Think Of the Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-06-18 14:47:03
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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind has been launched about a week, how do you feel like? Perhaps you will find Morrowind and the 2002 release of the old version there are many similarities, before the release of this game, many players say that the old version of the return, the players are also looking forward to. But after the release of the new game, similar advantages, has become a disadvantage.


For the core players in the 2002 game, anyone can get rid of the map for every possible pursuit of every corner and mind, and they may return to a lesser sense of fear this world. There is no surprise here, and because MMO needs some restrictions, when each landmark can only really provide a single pursuit of the player, it can feel the limit.


However, the best judgment will show that these feelings are rather unfair, even if they are completely natural and uncontrollable. This is not the same as the game. And if you are close to ESO: Morrowind is essentially a remake of the classic game through the MMO lens, which is absolutely effective.


In addition, Morrowind was as surprised as his own entity. Of course, you need ESO as a base game, but you can play Morrowind well without feeling the trampling of the continent.


A feeling just because it brings a unique new character to the introduction, after you first flee the slaves, go back directly to Seyda Neen, all of which have got the help of fans favorite assassins.


Plus some of the new features provided here; for example, last year's "level" level balance update eliminates all previous restrictions on mission or portfolio games, which means that low-level and high-level players can work together and There is no part of Morrowind that will initially be out of bounds on newcomers.


The new Warden class also offers a new skill tree that is more balanced than previous products, combined with animal companion puzzles (including a limit to give you a little bear friend to help fight, always useful), green balance healing power and winter Embrace the devastating magic. All in the underground city game is particularly useful, because the guardian can be in all the different roles in the performance is quite good.


The Elder Scrolls online: Morrowind is by no means game change. However, in the perfect combination of nostalgia and innovation, the inherent pure joy is here.