What Do You Think Will Be the Next Class - Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-05-17 05:38:57
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I haven't seen this discussion in a bit and wanted to know everyone's opinion since the next chapter that is coming out does not have a new class. I bet they will bring a new class next chapter. I know of a few races they could use but I doubt they will add new races since none of the other games have any and were somewhere in the middle of the timeline?



- Here is something you may not be aware of: the Warden class was meant as the 5th class for the original release but had to be scrapped during development. It was basically something ZOS had still laying around. When Morrowind released, they said that they had no current plans for further classes.


While the last point can obviously always change, I hope the once datamined Spellcrafting feature - that has been mentioned as still on the table as of May last year - is eventually going to be added in lieu of a new class.


- Something that specializes in either alteration / illusion / mysticism, the old school schools of magick that are lacking from ESO. It'll probably be a hybrid class like Battlemage or Spellsword. Heavily armored + spellcasting.


Could be a hybrid dual role tank that has really good CC for example, or non squishy dps casters with a focus on CC. I would love to see a "charm" skill added to ESO where enemies can be charmed to fight.


- I know everyone wants a necromancer, but I really don't think they will do it, you already have blood magic type stuff in nightblade and dark magic and summoner stuff in sorc. Also the few times I've seen a dev actually respond to people wanting necromancer class (its happened a couple times in twitch streams) they have brought up how the undaunted skill line is already kind of necromancery - bone shield, blood fountain, necrotic orb etc


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