What to Do in the Endgame of ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-01-16 14:59:42
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How long have you been playing ESO? Are you so involved in ESO? What are you gonna to do in the endgame of ESO? Share your thoughts on ESO-GOLD.com. We would list several choices to let you know what to do in the endgame.


ESO endgame


PVP, of course, will be one of your choices. It's fun to do PVP. You will be one of the members of the three alliances, joining the game story Alliance War. Dueling is nice, and the change for tel var stones coming will open up sewers again (small scale PVP with gambling of a currency on death or kills). But out of the current situation, you will definitely mind the game lags, bugs, loadscreens, etc. Yes, the server is down, and lots of PVP issues exist. 


Trading is a big thing, but if you want to make money looting and harvesting may be the way to go and not crafting unless you want to wait on traits which can take almost a year to get all of them.


You still have to farm for Champion points. Once you have enough champion points say 400+ you will find that other than 2 Vet Trials (Vet Maw & Vet Sanctum) and one solo arena (VMA) everything else is just stupidly easy and boring. 


Additionally, there are still lots of dungeons to do, normal/veteran/hardmode + vet trials + maelstrom arena. Many different builds you can play on one character with all the set bonuses that will keep you grinding for quite awhile until you find something you really enjoy.


To do PVE as one of part of endgame. PvE on the other hand is among the best that any MMO offers. From very casual stuff like world bosses, delves, normal dungeons, etc. And more hardcore stuff like trials, vet dungeons (Some vet dungeons are fairly easy though), etc.


Apart from above mentioned, there is gonna be a new content for the endgame of the Elder Scrolls Online. We know the homestead housing system will be added. Master Crafting Writs as a part of the Housing patch and should provide a lot of gold and also serious income for anybody who enjoys the crafting system. These are available to anybody with a max level craft. You need to max traits and motifs to get the full benefit. And they're the only way to get set crafting stations for player houses, which are going to be very popular. They'll also require real gameplay and/or trading skills to get the mats for the writ assignments.


So what would you like to do? If you really like PVP, you have to wait to PVP to be fixed. Have fun with the game.