What would you love to added to ESO PVP

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-04-23 11:20:06
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Let me start by saying that we love the PvP in this game. we may also love the combat and the character development. Long story short, this game has the foundation to be the PvP game that we play for a good many years to come. That being said, there are a few things that some fans would love to see added to it.


1.No additional instanced battle grounds ever: Don't get me wrong, I love a good BG. I have spent more time playing Warsong Gulch in my life than probably a good many other things. However, Cyrodill is too awesome to have a system put in place to funnel PvP'ers out of it. Instead, I would love to see the devs come up with creative and fun ways to put more small scale objectives into the Cyrodill gameplay.

2.Towns play more of a roll in PvP: I love doing the town dailies that exist in Cyrodill. It is part of my daily routine and I find them to be really enjoyable. However, aside from the exp, there is not much reason to do the town dailies. I still do them, because I know its the closest I will get to the small scale town ganking PvP that I love so much in other MMORPG's with traditional open world PvP. It would be nice to see towns play more of a roll in the Cyrodill.

3. Dueling: Dueling does not need to take place anywhere outside Cyrodill. That's ok. But in Cyrodill, it would be awesome if they added small dueling pits near towns where people could go to duel members of their own faction. Either you can never be reduced to death, or add some "graveyard" near the town that is only accessible to people who die in a dueling pit. I love dueling, and this would be a great way to introduce it and keep it immersive. It would also give the people protecting towns something to do in the down time.

4.More small scale PvP objectives: Perhaps there could be some supply lines that move things from towns to keeps (this would help explain story wise why towns provide discounts to merchants). Perhaps these are just wagons that travel a predefined path. The defending team would have to escort the wagons to the keep. Upon arrival, they would get some gold/exp/gear from the vendors they escorted. The attacking team would have to destroy the wagons, and if they do, then they would get some exp/gold/gear from the wreckage.

5.Player created towns: It would be awesome to have set areas where players are capable of "building" towns. Perhaps the towns have predetermined layouts and they grow as players dump more AP into them. The larger a town gets, the more benefits it will bestow upon the factions who owns it. However, these towns would be fully destroyable. Any of the other factions could make an attack on these towns and reduce them to rubble.

There are just some ideas that gethering from the forum.Overall, the PvP game is pretty fun, but I know that with the right additions, this game could have real serious lasting power.What's your idea?