What You Can Do With The Free ESO PLUS Trial

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-11-15 07:19:12
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What You Can Do With The Free ESO PLUS Trial


  For those non-members of the ESO, if you are a super fan of ESO and curious about the ESO plus, here you can select and check out ESO Plus free trial benefits from Thursday, November 15 at 10:00AM EST (TODAY) to Wednesday, November 21 at 10:00AM EST, what's more, this free trial with no strings attached! If you are already a member of the ESO, you can learn about all-new rewards for all existing ESO plus members. And now I am about to tell you non-member some easy thing you can do with the ESO Plus Free Trial.

  While your ESO Plus Free Trial is active, here are two things you need to remember and do. The first one is you can dye your costumes, since you have this right to do this thing, you'd better dye all your costumes or you can choose to dye some of your favorite costumes before this Free Trial ends. The dye will not disappear even though the Elder Scrolls Online Plus is expired. The second one is for the crafting materials, all of them would go in the "Craft Bag," even some of the crafting material you have already got and stored in your Inventory or in your Bank, you should also strive to obtain as much as crafting materials as possible, these crafting materials will directly go to your "Craft Bag" even after the ESO Plus Free Trial is no longer available. Once the ESO Plus expires, the "Craft Bag" will still remain and you can only withdraw the materials you collected and you can not put anything in it so it's necessary to keep your inventory or bank has some space to store some other materials.

  Here are some easy things I extracted from the professional players you can do very easily and sincerely hope that could be useful for you!

  1."Dark Brotherhood Initiate" Costume and "Assassin" Personality -> Complete the first Mission of the Dark Brotherhood DLC (The "Assassin" Personality only required to enter in the Dark Brotherhood Zone, but sometimes it is bugged and you need to complete the first Quest).

  2."Jackal" Pet -> Enter in Hew's Bane (Thieves Guild City) (Sometimes it is bugged and you need to do it during the Quest that you obtain from Quen (You can find her in any Outlaw Refuge)).

  3."Executioner" Title and "Cadaverous Assassin" Polymorph -> Complete the "Litany of Blood" Achievement of the Dark Brotherhood DLC (Kill 15 precise Target in the World, YouTube is full of Guides about it).

  4."Master Thief" Title and "Coin of Illusory Riches" Memento -> Complete the "A Cutpurse above" Achievement of the Thieves Guild DLC (Steal 16 precise Item in the World, YouTube is full of Guides about it).

  Those are just a part of easy things that ESO Plus could do, for more you guys could find them on REDDIT by typing "10 Easy thing you can do with the Free ESO PLUS Trial" and search.

  Here it is since the Free ESO PLUS Trial has officially online, there's no need to buy ESO gold, and you can enjoy so many products or so much service just like the paid-members do, isn't that crazy? Now all you can do is just enjoy this free trial feast.