What's new in ESO 2016:Two New DLCs, Veteran Ranks Removal, Console Text Chat & More

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-01-16 02:07:30
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ZeniMaxa just showed their developing direction of the Elder Scrolls Online in 2016, telling that players two new DLCs - Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood will come in Q 1 and Q2. Plans also cover veteran ranks removal, text chat for consoles and many other updates. Check out what can be expected ahead and buy eso gold safe on eso-gold.com to be ready!

Thieves Guild & Dark Brotherhood to be released
As it was announced before, two new DLCs will be releasing in the beginning of this year. The first one is the Thieves Guild, which will be on the PTS in early February and release during the first quarter of 2016. And the second one is The Dark Brotherhood DLC that is planned to launch in the second quarter. Both of two DLCs will bring some new gameplay elements and story content to gamers. Thus, just buy eso gold safe and cheap on the reliable site – eso-gold.com to be ready, and make sure to stay tuned for further information about updates.

Veteran Ranks will be removed in ESO during Q2
Removing Veteran Ranks from eso has been scheduled since last November, and now the work is scheduled to complete when the Dark Brotherhood DLC comes in Q2. At that time, Champion Points will be earned from level 50+ as you increase the Experience and will be the basis to calculate your Champion Rating. However, you will also gain Skill Points as you do now as you do quests, raise your Alliance War rank, and collect Skyshards.

Console text chat will be available later this year
Finally, Console Text Chat is coming later this year to allow players communicating with other players by using text and emotes instead of voice. Ok, let’s guess how text chat will work? Do they have little keyboard you can attach to your controller like for the 360? Or players buy a wireless keyboard with a controller in hand? Or maybe you'll use smart glass? Whatever, it is time to give the game another shot if you quitted because of no text chat.

Other important ESO plans and updates in 2016
1. Justice PvP is officially cancelled as it is difficult to implement the problems it may bring.
2. There will be a major change on "how world zones treat player levels".
3. Spellcrafting is on the back-burner and is not to be expected in the coming year.
4. A looking-for-guild system is in the works.
5. Scrolling combat text, nameplates and other UI features will come in the Thieves Guild update.
6. The LFG tool will get an overhaul in the Thieves Guild.
7. ESO Gatherings and Fan Events can be expected around major game shows like PAX East, PAX Prime, and Gamescom.

It seems that most of the important issues in the game are being worked on, but “this is just scratching the surface”, ZeniMaxa told, there will be many other updates to come! Why not buy eso gold safe with fast delivery on eso-gold to be ready? Wish you all joy in game!