What's Your Favorite House for ESO Homestead

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-02-04 07:42:53
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ESO Homestead will launch on PC on February 6th. For PS4 and Xbox One users, the housing system will be available on February 21st. So what is your wanted home? Here we list players' favorite house.


Option 1: Redguard large home

Huge outdoor space, which includes a private beach and courtyard + extremely functional interior (interior courtyard/lightwell). 


Option 2: House of the Silent Magnifico

The medium redguard house in Sentinel. It's close to amenities and the lack of a yard does not bother you if you prefer indoor spaces. The biggest annoyance with the house is that the rooftop space is not instanced; it's part of the outdoors so you can't decorate it at all.


Option 3: Argonian houses

"The Argonian houses look great (though I may be a little baist) and the large one is cheap! Which is good for me, since I have only been able to save up 110k in playing on and off since launch." Argonian medium has perfect location, where you can craft.


Option 4: Strident Springs Demesne

Strident Springs Demesne is one of the best homes once you get it decorated. Nice yard and the house actually has bedrooms. The outdoor space is just tits (especially the natural pool by the waterfall). Lots of outdoor space, well laid out interior with Imperial style.


Option 5: Imperial home

Imperial large home: the waterfall and natural pool

Imperial medium home: cheap at just 295k, good outdoor space, functional interior, no prerequisite achievement other than owning imperial edition.


Of course, there are other options. Different players get their different homes certainly.