What's Your Most Difficult Dungeon Content in Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-04-28 07:17:40
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One of the most difficult dungeon content in my opinion. In our group we had a cp 720 tank with vet scalecaller experience and rest of us were cp ~450. Several times I was told its only doable if Im cp capped with a certain amount of dps. I can only do 20k dps on a dummy but I wanted to give it a go since Ive been preparing for very long for this.



First Boss - Ogres

I wanted to give up straight away. We wiped like 3 times without any progress. We all knew the tactics, It was just difficult. Okey after 20min we managed to kill them. We were really really happy and we realized this dungeon cant be done without voice com so we all started paying attention to voice chat.


Second Boss - Pokeballs

We knew, we need to kill the balls as soon as they spawn, Its just not as easy as it sounds. There was always someone who got caught and turned into stone. After like 30min suffering and wiping, I tested what happens if I kite the ball. So I was checking when the ball targets me and I pulled the ball from the group while doing a little damage. Ofc we wiped again but this time we actually done some progress so we did this again and we done it.


Third Boss - Ice Golem

It was quite easy we managed on the 1st try. We pulled the boss to the corner of the arena and that way the spawning adds could not damage us. It some cheesy strategy but hey...


Fourth Boss - Plague and alchemist guy

On normal version, out of all bosses, I hated this one the most. This time on Vet, actually this was one the best experience. Each of us in the group had something to do and we had to coordinate, Listen to the npc and listen which add hes calling out. We noticed its good to have good dps here, killing adds fast helps the whole group. The boss has tonns of HP and it took long to beat it. We had to port back to town to grab more repair kits, one of us even run out of soul gems. We did it and we were really excited to move on.


Last Boss – Zaan

There are so many mechanics thats going on at the same time, its ridiculous. We could not even reach the 1st ice statue phase for 30 min. Realizing we did wrong the flame waves. We tried to block it, however after a while we found out its better to take the flame waves from the group and dodge it further away. Those ice statues. Brutal!. You will take buttloads of aoe dmg while you have couple of seconds to kill 2 statues. Very difficult to coordinate because dd-s need to focus either statues. Many times we ended up killing the same and did not have enough time to finish off the 2nd. We had the damage we just had to focus! 


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