Where is the Best Place to Farming Lost Ark Gold and Silver?

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The Lost Ark is where the players can make Lost Ark Gold by collecting treasures and selling them to other players. There are many different places that the player can go to make gold and silver, but if you want the best value for your time and effort, it would be best to hunt down and access the Lost Ark in Kamasylvia. There are many places that you can find to make gold and silver: dungeons, mines, or ravines. You can make the currency if you have enough materials. You can craft either silver or gold armor pieces, weapons, and other items required for making a character powerful. You might have to dig deep into the ground or do some mining before finding a place with high amounts of material needed for crafting.


Where is the Best Place to Farming Lost Ark Gold and Silver?

Farming Lost Ark Gold

1. Sales of consumables
The first way is everything we can make and sell at an auction hourse. For me, the most lucrative occupations are herbalist, fisherman, and lumberjack. But you can easily take away others. No one is forcing you to do all three. We have access to the primary crafting resources of the Platinum Islands. A detailed guide to Platinum Island is in the link. We can go to the Platinum Islands three times a day because they infiltrate three times. If you have free time, you can create a twink and walk three times a day instead of 6 to get extra resources and gold from them. At the beginning of the project, this will be the most popular gold mining method.

2. Boss pass
2nd way - It is recommended to go here with your group as it is difficult to pass it, especially after wave 7. There are 15 waves in total, and in each wave, we will get a particular currency that we will use to exchange for the engraving on the ring, or rather, for the book we will sell at auction, earning gold coins.

3. Islands
The third and subsequent methods are more because you won't earn as much gold from them. The first is emerging islands. Each such island has its events and rewards. I'll tell you right now, and you're not going to make a lot of money here. Therefore, I emphasize the phrase another way to make money.

4. Cube
The fourth additional method is the cube, passing the guide of the cube. Yes, they need the same penetration as the Platinum Islands. The primary item you will receive there is, of course, silver. But if you have your party, you can go beyond the first crate and pick up some gold. Plus a lot of silver.

5. Daily events
Oddly, the fifth way is events. For them, we will receive different pieces of bread. For example, this chest can drop gold from 100 to 10,000. I took out two thousand. We can buy a box a day. Good income.

6. Chaos Dungeon
The sixth add-on is the Chaos Dungeon Card. Every day you will receive a card from the Heroic Chaos Dungeon. And according to the card, get silver and gold. If you're partying or playing with friends, I'd recommend going with the maps, as these maps can also be played in teams.

7. Calendar boss
The seventh way is the boss that appears every day in the calendar. Some of the gold fell off them, potentially out of an expensive engraving on the ring, and we either kept it for ourselves or fused thousands of gold at auction.

Farming Lost Ark Silver

The vast majority of game missions, whether primary or secondary, will give you credits. While going on a quest is probably the worst way to get silver, it's a process you'll have to go through when you get a new character.

1. Cube
The first method is the cube. As with the Platinum Islands, we need to infiltrate. We randomly choose our bag. We go through rooms, fill up skills, pick up chests. For the first box, we will receive about eight thousand silver. If you have your backpack, you can go further, and the chest reward will be more significant.

2. Daily
The second way is daily tasks. These are the daily newspapers that wrap around the island. Many of them and those who give money. I'll focus on the ones I've experienced. Initially, these daily quests will not be available to you. After level 50 and 250 gears, you will need to sail there and complete some yellow quests on the island. After that, three new tasks will appear in the daily task list. They will give us thirty-nine and a half talents. Add the everyday bag for even more silver.

3. House dungeon
The third additional option is the house dungeon, an everyday hero.

4. Farm boat on the reef
The fourth additional method is to find broken ships, marine content guide (how to form a team properly). Well, there are other valuable buns. You can earn some silver from them, plus a chance to get a card for which we'll get the point. The net profit of about ten ships, including ship repairs, reached 8,000 silver. A bit, but good.

5. Daily tasks
A fifth possibility is through the same daily tasks. In the third tab, you will earn points. Therefore, fill the scale of this task. For this, you will get additional rewards, which will have silver—more than ten thousand.

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