With 'Elsweyr' Successfully Launched Now The 'Elder Scrolls Online' Has Surpassed 13.5 Million Players Now

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2019-06-26 16:09:41
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  A lot of gamers may have noticed that Elder Scrolls Online was prominently featured during Bethesda's E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2019 press conference. Not only did the company feature an extended cinematic trailer for the ongoing Season of the Dragon storyline, but also we got a lot of details on both of the year's remaining DLC (Downloadable Content) releases in the form of both Dragonhold and Scalebreaker.

  During E3 2019 in Los Angeles, California I get an opportunity to sit down for an interview with Rich Lambert, who is a Creative Director on Elder Scroll Online at Zenimax Online Studio, to talk about the game and what's coming next. Now since the latest chapter, Elsweyr has been officially out for over three weeks, Rich Lambert was willing to shed some light on the expansion's reception and how it's performed with ESO players.

  During our interview with Lambert at E3, he claimed: "It's going super well, our player base loves the Necromancer, and the dragons and our end-game community is really enjoying the new trial."

  I also asked him how Elsweyr is performing in terms of Elder Scrolls Online sales and reception with the community compared to Morrowind and Summerset, the two former expansions, and then he offered me some exciting numbers.

  Rich Lambert said: "It's going way better. It's been really exciting. We added 2.5 million players over the course between when Summerset launched and Elsweyr launched so we're at 13.5 million now across all platforms. And those were all new players. That kind of caught us a little bit off guard."

  If you are a fan of Elder Scrolls Online, then you must know that Elder Scrolls Online is a buy-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO), which means that once you buy access to the game then you do not need to pay a monthly subscription fee — similar to what you'd get with a shared world online game, for example, Destiny or The Division, except Elder Scrolls Online is a real persistent online world. But if you want, you can subscribe to Elder Scrolls Online Plus, which includes free in-game currency (as known as ESO Gold), an XP boost, free DLC access, and of course, some other perks.