Woodworking strategy for ESO newbies

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-04-14 11:09:05
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In The Elder Scrolls Online, Woodworking is the crafting profession that allows players to craft bows, staffs and shields. The Woodworking crafting system is similar to the ones of Blacksmithing and Clothing as it consists of five actions: Refine, Create, Improve, Deconstruct and Research.


Known about the all your Woodworking skills,you need to maximize the rank of all your Woodworking skills to master this profession. During early levels you can use Sanded Maple to craft items without spending any skill points in the Woodworking ability.

If you’re having trouble spotting raw materials for gathering (wood blends pretty well into the scenery) you may want to also invest a skill point in the Keen Eye: Wood ability. It will make any kind of wood glow when you are 20 meters away or closer.If you want to get a small share of woodworking mats every day without any effort from your part you can spend a skill point in the Lumberjack Hireling ability. The Hireling will automatically send you the mats via mail once every 24 hours.