You Need Finish three things As Early As Possible in Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-05-03 06:32:37
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Sometimes we need prepare something as soon as possible, or we will lose the best opportunity. Every gamer only have one chance in one account in some skills or picking come weaponries. So we need seize the first opportunity in time, rather than regret to go back and found you haven't done something you need currently, its too late, so I will remind you guys to do these three thing when you are a new gamer in Elder Scrolls Online.

1. Upgrade your mount at the first opportunity
Tamriel might have wayshrines for fast travel, but you'll still spend a lot of time getting around the old fashioned way - which is why it's important to have a good strong mount on your side.
If you're a serious player who's shelled out on the Imperial Edition, you can purchase the White Imperial Horse from the stables off the bat for dirt cheap.
This will save you a lot of grinding since common mounts can set you back more than 17,000 gold pieces, but real-world investment is by no means essential to securing a prize steed.
Collecting apples and feeding them to your mount will boost its speed, hay will increase its stamina, and oats will allow you to carry more items while you ride.
2. Invest in additional inventory space
Your inventory space will be maxed out long before you hit level 10, so players should invest in extra space for their crafting materials as soon as possible.
Bag merchants are located in major cities and will upgrade you from 50 to 60 slots for about 400 gold, but going from 60 to 70 is more pricey at 2000 gold.
Players also have their own personal bank, which can be accessed at the major cities, and can dump 60 items there free of change.
We recommend storing all of your raw materials in the bank as they can be accessed from there directly when crafting.
3. Dive into player vs player and dungeons as early as possible
Elder Scrolls Online separates its player vs player mode and group dungeons from the core game, but we recommend taking the plunge at the earliest opportunity.
Once you reach level 10, the territory of Cyrodiil will open up so players can do battle among themselves.
You'll be given a rough ride if you head there no higher than level 10, but the skill gains and experience points are worth persevering for.
Tackling dungeons is a great way to meet players and there's an introductory one in each alliance's starting area, designed for players between level 12 and 15.
You can find you will do something easily after you made the adequate preparation at the beginning , and all above things have been done in the best opportunity , you could get enough space to play game, and do not need to worry you miss something interesting things between players and dungeons. Everything is just fine.
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