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  • What Will Change In The Upcoming Elder Scrolls 6 [06/12/2018]
    The Elder Scrolls already has 5 important series online. Each series has its own characteristics. Now there are many opinions about the Elder Scrolls. Today we have intercepted some official news to tell everyone about the Elder Scrolls 6 news.
  • Elder Scrolls Online Available on Game Pass Today [06/11/2018]
    Microsoft also confirmed that Elder Scrolls Online are both now available for everyone with a Game Pass subscription.
  • Newest Elder Scrolls Online Content Expansion Summerset [06/08/2018]
    Today is the official launch day of the newest Elder Scrolls Online content expansion Summerset. In a new letter on the game's official site, Creative Director Rich Lambert welcomes everyone to the expansion and thanks them for their support over the years.
  • The Requirements Of The System Necessary For The Elder Scroll Morrowind [06/06/2018]
    Below you'll find the minimum and recommended system requirements to play on PC and Mac. Please note that we aren't changing any of the requirements at this time from what's currently needed, but merely clarifying exactly what's necessary to play.
  • The Duties Of The Staff In The Elder Scrolls [06/04/2018]
    The Elder Scrolls is a game that we all are very familiar with. It is also a large series of games. This kind of game development is a long one. Such development requires a lot of staff. Such staff requirements are very strict. Each employee has his own job content
  • We’re Listing The Five Best Things In ESO’s Update 17 [06/01/2018]
    Every game needs to be updated. Such updates are good for our players. The Elder Scrolls is a completely open game. In this game we players can communicate with each other, The classic of the Elder Scrolls series game is that the content of the game is almost completely open to the players, and it is very extensible.
  • The Elder Scrolls 6 - Definitions Of Explain [05/30/2018]
    It is a good news that the latest version is now telling everyone. This is the story of the Elder Scrolls. We don' t know anything about it. When was the Elder Scrolls 6 announced? What is its likely release date? Where will Tamriel be held?
  • The Elder Scroll Online Novice Teaching [05/28/2018]
    The Elder Scrolls series is a high-degree of freedom role-playing game, an open world for you to explore, there is a huge world view and a rich story and a series of tasks you need to know to complete, this makes the sky from the screen or the plot There are various systems that do a good job
  • Top Beginner Guide To Get Started in the Elder Scrolls Online [05/24/2018]
    Are you the new players of The Elder Scrolls Online. You will have a really hard time when you starting this game, so I am here to share some useful tips and guides, hope these could be helpful.
  • What are the Most "META" DPS Builds Right Now in ESO [05/21/2018]
    I'm currently running with a Stamplar, and a Mag(No-pet)Sorc. I was wanting to roll my MagSorc towards Stam, but still wanting to know if the DPS output is higher than a MagSorc.
  • What Do You Think Will Be the Next Class - Elder Scrolls Online [05/17/2018]
    I haven't seen this discussion in a bit and wanted to know everyone's opinion since the next chapter that is coming out does not have a new class. I bet they will bring a new class next chapter.
  • Elder Scrolls Online Has Become the Best MMORPG on the Market [05/14/2018]
    But the one, four years later, I keep coming back to no matter what, is Elder Scrolls Online. It used to be Warcraft, which has become more of a “check out the expansion” title for me. But something about the sheer amount of content, progression diversity, and consistent updates keeps me coming back to ESO when no other game can.
  • How Do You Guys Play Your Healer Builds in Elder Scrolls Online [05/09/2018]
    I recently switched from running as DPS to healer and I absolutely love the role. Keeping everyone alive with zero appreciation is great!
  • Summerset Would Be the Location of the Next Actual Elder Scrolls Online Game [05/05/2018]
    The Elder Scrolls Online is about to dump a super lore-heavy expansion on us -- Summerset. It takes us back to the Summerset Isles, a place that hasn't been touched in the games since the very first entry -- Arena -- in 1994.
  • Do You Know If There Are Other Mounts in Elder Scrolls Online? [05/02/2018]
    Currently the majority of mounts released are all through Crown Crate. Look at the percentages they are absolutely dreadful. This is not a F2P game. You have to buy the game and the many expansions that go with it.
  • What's Your Most Difficult Dungeon Content in Elder Scrolls Online [04/28/2018]
    One of the most difficult dungeon content in my opinion. In our group we had a cp 720 tank with vet scalecaller experience and rest of us were cp ~450.
  • What Keeps Us Coming Back in the Elder Scrolls Online? [04/25/2018]
    We’ve recently celebrated the game’s 4th anniversary. It’s kind of shocking that it has been that long already. One of the biggest reasons I keep coming back/subscribing to the game would be the community.
  • What If You Have A Good GPU AND CPU and the FPS Still Sucks in ESO [04/21/2018]
    PTS 1 doesn't have all of the performance improvements, there are a number of additional changes that are rolling out in upcoming PTS iterations.
  • ESO - Attacking or Killing A Critter No Longer Takes You Into Combat [04/17/2018]
    Summerset! For the first time in history, the long-closed borders of Summerset are open to foreigners by decree of Queen Ayrenn. But darkness looms over the ancestral home of the High Elves
  • ESO: Summerset Will Add Different Forms Of Cooperative Gameplay [03/26/2018]
    Bethesda has announced the new expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online, called Summerset. This expansion brings players to a new area: Summerset Isle, the ancestral home of the High Elves. In the Summerset story center, of course, there is again a Daedra organization, and this time the mysterious order will be the Psijic Order, to which the player can join and learn new abilities. When you have difficulties, you can view website here.
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