Adventure Guide To ESO Clockwork City

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-09-23 06:27:34
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For Elder Scrolls Online, the next DLC "Clockwork City" will be released soon. The Clockwork City is just waiting to be explored by you.



Official Preview for Clockwork City


On the official ESO site, the developers now have a small adventure guide, which presents the new content more precisely. In the following you can see it.


Sotha Sil's fantastic mechanical empire will soon open to you to be explored as soon as DLC player "Clockwork City" appears. As usual, you will receive it free of charge as part of an active ESO Plus membership or purchase it through the Crown Store in the game. In our adventure guide to "Clockwork City", we introduce you to some of the bizarre and dangerous places you can experience in this new area.


The Clockwork City is filled with mysterious automatons, fantastic sights and hidden dangers. As you take your first steps into the new area, you should not ignore these exciting places.



  1. The Brass Fortress

  2. The Mechanical Fundament

  3. The Halls of Regulation

  4. The Shadow Cleft

  5. The Sanctuary of Verification

  6. The Asylum Sanctorium


The Brass Fortress



The "residential" of the Clockwork City is also the only place where visitors and residents can move relatively safely. While the rest of the empire is inhospitable and uninhabitable for humans, elves, and animal peoples, the Brass Fortress provides a safe refuge for the Clockwork Apostles and all stranded adventurers, who sooner or later try to get down here.


Within the Brass Fortress, you will find traders, craftsmen (including a transmutation site), a Wayshrine and all sorts of inhabitants who will help or hinder you on your journey. It is a great first step for wannabe adventurers.


The Mechanical Fundament



The maintenance tunnels and subterranean chambers under the Brass Fortress contain a crazy arsenal of clockwork mechanisms and computational contraptions. This dangerous labyrinth swells just before mechanoid and simple-knitted facts, which would not hesitate to clean their environment of organic impurities. And yet there are plunderers from the city who are brave enough to venture into the shadows of the lower tunnels to recover scrap and clockwork treasures, which are worth repairing or at least selling.


Exploration itself is often a reward in itself. Who knows what you will find under the fortress? Plundering is of course not without risks. If you dare in this area, you are ready for everything!


The Halls of Regulation



The artificial environment of the Clockwork City must maintain a delicate balance in order to survive, and it is up to the Halls of Regulation to keep a breathable air and drinkable water. Precise control of humidity, temperature and air currents are the only tasks of this facility.


Of course there is nothing forever. Time has not meant well with these important equipment, and the halls need an urgent repair. In addition, parts were overrun by malfunctioning mechanical constructs, the facts. The Halls of Regulation represent one of two challenging delves of the Clockwork City, so why do not you see if you can help someone?


The Shadow Cleft



Evergloam, the Oblivion plain of the Daedric Prince Nocturnal, has manifested itself as a shadowy portal within the city of movements, thus allowing its inhabitants access to Sotha Sil's creation.


The Clockwork Apostles look for brave adventurers who are willing to investigate this mysterious portal and to track down their lost acolytes. If you have already explored the Daedric realms, this delve should be just right for you. And if not, you have the opportunity now!


The Sanctuary of Verification



As long as Sotha Sil exists, he will reinvent, refine, or improve things. You will find his experiments and interesting side-projects in the Clockwork City. One of these experiments is the huge war machine, the Imperfect. It is not known exactly how many versions of this controversial war machine have been spat out by Sotha Sils factories over the years, but luckily none of them have escaped from the Sanctuary.


The Imperfect is one of the two bosses of the open world in the Clockwork City. Do not try to face him in the entrance; this mechanical monstrosity improves itself by scraping all the prospective claimants to scrap, and has learned much over the centuries.


The Asylum Sanctorium



This isolated area of ​​the Clockwork City is partly a shrine and partly a sanitarium. It serves as a sanatorium for its inhabitants, driven by the strangeness of their artificial surroundings into the madness. It is also the permanent home of three Dunmer Saints that Sotha Sil has transformed into immortal machines. The sanity of these terrifying creatures suffer more and more.


This new Trial offers you and your group a unique choice. Will you tackle each of the leaders individually? Or do you go straight to the final and look after all three Saints at the same time? There are unique rewards, depending on how difficult you have done to yourself - provided, of course, you survive at all!


These are just some of the bizarre and dangerous places you can visit on your way through the Clockwork City. See what this new area has for you when the DLC player's "Clockwork City" is released in the fall - free of charge for members of ESO Plus or for purchase at the Crown Store of the game.