ESO News: Here Are Five Things That Beginners Should Know About Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2020-07-18 02:47:01
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5 Things That Starter Need To Know About Before Playing Elder Scrolls Online

As we all know that The Elder Scrolls Online could be a little intimidating for a lot of new beginners. Therefore, below is what everyone new to this game should know about. If you are a newbie, why do not check this out?


Right now, the latest chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor has launched successfully, allowing players to delve into more of Skyrim's landmass as well as the accursed Blackreach, therefore, there's no doubt a wave of new players delving in for the very first time in ages, if ever.

We all know this fact that The Elder Scrolls Online, in fact, is an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game. There exists a lot to unpack in its design, with thousands of easily overlooked aspects that can make a playthrough a helluva lot much easier or just more enjoyable than ever. In that vein, here are five things that you really should know about before officially diving in.

The Very First One Is: You Can Change Your Race In Elder Scrolls Online:

Please keep in mind, do not get too hung up on what race you choose at the very first beginning, given that the benefits are not too noticeable or important, which means that you can select whatever you are fond of, particularly if you have any alliance with any race DLC (Downloadable Content).

However, if you are not so sure, know that you can get race tokens (with your Elder Scrolls Online Gold to buy) to change your appearance and race down the line if you have made up your mind that you want the perks of an Argonian as opposed to a Nord for your own tank. You also can change your name or just your appearance without meddling with race, however, it costs real money. Therefore, that's not a bargaining deal.

The Second One Is: Elder Scrolls Online+ Provides An Unlimited Capacity Crafting Bag:

Unlike with other goliaths like World of Warcraft (WoW), you do not have to pay monthly to play The Elder Scrolls Online, however, the option is there for some added bonuses, just like a bottomless crafting bag for your supplies.

Once you traverse Tamriel, Coldharbour, the Clockwork City, and all the little bits and pieces in-between, there is no doubt that you will find an abundance of crafting materials that will fill up your inventory quickly. You can drop these off in a bank or have a toon dedicated to crafting, but, keep in mind that an infinite crafting bag is so much easier.

The Third One Is: There's Plenty Of Addons For Finding Collectibles In ESO:

As a beginner in The Elder Scrolls Online, you should know that the world of ESO is jam-packed with collectibles, whether it's the skyshards that net you skill points if you hit a trio of them or just the wealth of lorebooks to be discovered. These collectibles will help you a lot later in TESO.

You can search for a guide or just figure this out all by yourself, but if you are looking to get a leg-up fast and stock up on skill points to do some damage and craft some goodies, then its best just to grab an addon, because they are easy enough to find. Although, this only suitable for PC platform players.

The Fourth One Is: "Room To Spare" Nets You A Totally Free Starting Home In Path of Exile:

In The Elder Scrolls Online, you can get and furnish homes, therefore, it can somewhat scratch that Animal Crossing itch for those without the funds for a Switch, but purchasing a house could be costly.

Before the funds officially arise, your best choice is taking part in the free quest of Room To Spare which allows you to take residence in a free room of an inn in the corresponding city you begin this quest in.

Last But Not Least One Is: Bank Space And Inventory Space Are All Upgradeable:

If you do not want to splash out for a subscription service to get an infinite storage place for all of your crafting needs, then you can funnel your ESO gold into upping your bank space and inventory space, even though it will get pricey pretty fast.

One method is to funnel a wealth of very hard-earned ESO gold into the bank space, and then take it out on another toon, purchase all the bag space you can, and use them to hold onto very important supplies. Or, another method is you can just upgrade the bank space and then chuck everything of importance over there, whatever works for you perfectly.