Brief Introductions About the Werewolf

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-03-21 18:31:20
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Last week, we have talked about the Vampire. And then, I'd like to share something about the werewolf. The Werewolf is also a special character just like the Vampire I mentioned before.



What is Werewolf

Werewolf is a character modification and skill tree in the Elder Scrolls Online. Werewolves gain access to a number of special abilities, as well as some unique vulnerabilities.


While the abilities of Werewolves make them awesome fighters in the PvE space, they may be a PvP liability thanks to their vulnerability to Fighters Guild affiliated characters and PvP - focused poison abilities.



How to Become a Werewolf

Lycanthrophy can be contracted from Werewolf NPCs on a night of the Full Moon. A single bite from the correct werewolves can trigger the infection. ESO nights last only about an hour and a half, so the window for contracting infections is limited.


Some player reports indicate that Werewolves capable of causing infection under a full moon tend to be black in color, tend to spawn in groups of two, and occur in high - level zones.


Lycanthrophy functions as a disease. Injury from particular NPC Werewolves can result in contraction of Sanies Lupinus, unlocking a quest called Hircines Gift. Contraction is subtly indicated in the Active Effects bar.


Songamdir will have you prove your worth to Hircine by transforming into a werewolf and collecting a tribute by killing a worthy beast for the rest of the pack to accept you. The mini instance is full of creatures, but it's the Troll you want to kill. After you kill the troll, the pack will come and accept you.


Completing the quest results in a player's transformation into a full Werewolf.


Infected players also have the option of clearing up the infection by visiting a priest as a dialogue choice in the Hircine Quest.


Infected players can also choose to share their semi - regularly with other willing players, either as an act of kindness or by charging a free. The Bloodmoon ability allows a weekly implantation of Lycanthrophy.


Leveling up as a Werewolf

Leveling a Werewolf's powers isn't easy as you only get pertinent experience when you're in the form, and transformations doesn't last that long. Building up enough Ultimate to transition to the form is also a lengthy process, although it gets better after you max out the Blood Rage perk at Werewolf level 8.


Werewolf Powers are mostly fueled by Stamina, so players interested in becoming werewolves may wish to prepare by increasing Stamina heavily during leveling.


Werewolf Skills 

The key to a Werewolf's powers is his Werewolf Transformation Ultimate Ability (as well the affiliated Pack Leader and Werewolf Berserker variants). When engaged, the werewolf's physical prowess is significantly upgraded.


The supplemental Werewolf abilities are also quite impressive. The Werewolf only has access to two Active abilities plus one Active Ultimate, but all are potent, especially in conjunction with the powerful Werewolf Passives.


1. Roar, Ferocious Roar, and Rousing Roar are powerful area affect stunning attacks.

2. Pounce, Brutal Pounce, and Feral Pounce cause the character to leap into battle dealing local area affect damage.

3. The Blood Rage Passive Ability helps refill Ultimate for frequent transformations.