Buy Cheap ESO Gold to Level up Enchanting Fast in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-08-26 11:14:44
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Enchanting is relatively difficult to level up compared with other professions in ESO. Players want to gain experience, but it is easier to make mistakes on their way. Today’s article will give you some tips in enchanting. You can buy cheap eso gold at to level it up.


General information
Enchanting is one of the 6 professions in the Elder Scrolls Online. It allows players to improve armor, weapons and jewelry with new abilities. It cannot act on items directly, but apply glyphs to them. Glyphs can be not only used to improve your own items, and but also traded to other players.However, many players cannot find the right way to use it. What mistakes have you made in enchanting? And what should you do to level it up fast?

Misunderstandings to level enchanting
Obviously, players can get more experience by gathering runes and creating glyphs. Usually, players create glyphs and then extract runes from them. Thus, they can not only get extra experience so that they believe it is the best way to level up enchanting. Therefore, they repeat it again and again.

It really works. But after all runes in your inventory are translated, you will find that you receive less experience. Actually, by using an unknown rune for crafting, you will gain more experience than using the translated rune.

Efficient ways to level up enchanting

First, if you have untranslated runes, you can use them for crafting.
Second, if all runes you received are translated, you need to find another skilled enchanter. You can give your materials to ask him to create glyphs for you. And you need to extract runes from these glyphs and gain experience.
Third, purchase glyphs. Generally speaking, the price of level 1 – 2 Potency Rune is equal to Veteran Rank 4 – 5 armor and weapon glyphs. Thus, it is more cost-effective to purchase runes that purchase glyphs. And players can get the same experience.
Last, read books. If you find a bookshelf while exploring the world, you should make use of it, because it may bring you one extra rank in enchanting.

Have you got anything useful for leveling enchanting? Have you found any other ways to level up it faster? If you have any troubles in the game, you can ask for help from always and will provide you the cheapest ESO gold at any time.