Comprehensive ESO Gold Making Guide

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-07-07 14:00:47
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As we know Gold is very important in any games, you can use them to buy gears, mounts, equipment, armor, weapon, bags, etc. You will need more and more gold to play smoothly and enjoy the game, so you always feel your gold not enough. Today, let's summary of how to fast farm ESO gold in the Elder Scrolls Online.


Hirelings & Crafting Writs
With ESO’s update 6 came changes to the profitability of hirelings but they are still worth it, especially provisioning, enchanting and alchemy. At this moment, the daily crafting writs are a good way to go. Enchanting and Alchemy are also probably the best writs.

Farming Locations
There are a good deal of great farming locations in most zones for all three factions. You will find lots of raw materials in the starter zones.

Trait items and learning them
The rare trait items you will need aren’t readily available to you if you are at lower levels. The first thing you can do is to go the guild stores and buy inexpensive trait items. Learn only one trait for each item at a time. The research time will ascend for every trait that you learn so it is recommended that you only learn one trait per item at one time!

Racial Style Material
You will get racial style materials from deconstructing items and believe it or not, if you go over the guild traders you’ll be glad to learn that there are plenty of racial materials being offered for a cheap price.

Crafting Material
Don’t spend your money on any raw materials since the cost is way too high. Buy only REFINED materials at the guild store. Use just the base materials such as Iron Ingots, Rawhide, Jute, etc. – they are less expensive to purchase and they take less per crafted item.

Public Dungeon
Farm Public Dungeon, you can find an icon on the elder scrolls online map, where the monsters usually 5-6 a group, use AOE skills can fast clean out and get loot, then sold to NPC.
High crafting skills level

Crafting, Sell Potions, Food, now a group of VR5 potions can sell around 15000G, and crafting, one equipment can up to 3000 gold or even higher, which requires your crafting skills level is very high.

An income without any investment
Gathering in Field, a set of raw materials can sell 700 - 1000G generally, though this income is not high, but does not require your any investment.

Higher motifs
Farm Motifs, Purple Recipes, now a purple motifs or purple recipe can be sell 10000+ Gold, recommended you up to high level, because the higher level, can find the higher motifs.

Note: Two bad form of ESO farming practices
1.Jacking Nodes
Many nodes are guarded by enemies, and it takes time and effort to clear mobs. One of the worst things a player can do is jack someone’s node while they’re in the middle of a battle. Even though it’s just a game, there’s no reason to be obnoxious. Leave the node to the player who got there first.
Don’t steal someone’s node while they’re busy clearing mobs.
2.Leaving Bait
Sometimes when ESO farming, players will find Worms or Crawlers when harvesting nodes. It may be tempting to leave this bait behind, but don’t — it’s bad form for two reasons:
1. It wastes the time of other players who harvest the node later.
2. It takes longer for the node to respawn.
Sell and buy equipment
If you have earn a lot of elder scrolls online gold by the above methods, now you can start selling the equipment. Buy them with cheap price, and sell them with higher price. This need you have a right judgment for the price of ESO gold in market.

Last but not least, a fast way to get cheap and safe ESO Gold is to buy ESO Gold from a reliable ESO Gold seller, such as ESO Gold can help adventurers to play more smoothly, and ESO Gold is widely needed nowadays.