Do You Know If There Are Other Mounts in Elder Scrolls Online?

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-05-02 16:02:41
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Currently the majority of mounts released are all through Crown Crate. Look at the percentages they are absolutely dreadful. This is not a F2P game. You have to buy the game and the many expansions that go with it. I am totally fine with an in game Shop but at least be fair to us. Really feels like they don't care at all and just want to nickle and dime us as much as possible. When crown crates first came out you could easily get 400 Gems with 15 or so crates maybe 20. Now you are lucky to get 100 gems out of 15 crates.



To the people saying the game needs to make money. I am not asking for the Store to be taken away just for them to treat us fairly. We do purchase the game and expansions so this is not a f2p game there is no reason we should be treated like its a f2p game. I don't mind having a store at all it is actually nice for quite a few things but there should be some methods to earn things in game as well.


The mounts are just one example of many. Since 2014 the only mounts you can purchase in game are the same 4 from when the game was released. Also with recent rulings in other countries I imagine crown crates would be deemed gambling in those countries. Which it obviously is.


Was wondering if that was all we could get. I don't mind purchasing mounts but do wish there was some more we could buy with in-game gold or some other method. Wish they would allow you to buy mounts out right instead of having to do the RNG crown crate system for most of them. Of course, as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more ESO News and cheap Eso power leveling with instant delivery.