Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Launch Date Has Been Delayed By COVID-19

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2020-04-17 17:17:57
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Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Get Delayed By COVID-19

  Several days ago, when we heard that Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor was getting delayed. Under the threats of Coronavirus currently, that's hardly surprising. Cause you know, apart from the delay of ESO Greymoor, the latest Final Fantasy XIV's patch 5.3 also get delayed. To be honest, I am grateful they will even launch it at all right now. But the team says they are all working from home, and they are making progress, it's just a little slower than they normally would.

  And here is the following statement they launched on the game's home page. Check it now:

  “Elder Scrolls Online Community

  I sincerely hope that this message finds all of you in good health. The very number one priority for everyone on earth right now is our health and the health of our families. As you probably have already known that, in response to the current Coronavirus pandemic, everyone at ZeniMax Online Studios has been working from home since March 16, 2020. This is the very first time we have ever tried remote work as a studio, and so far, everything is going just well. It looks like we will be able to ship Update 26 (with the Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Chapter) about a week after we initially planned it.”

  Currently, we are on track for the PTS to be updated with Update 26 and ESO Greymoor on April 20th, 2020. We will inform you if we run into some unexpected problems that could delay the live release beyond the current estimate of one week.

  Moreover, please notice that because all of France is on a working lockdown, we have been unable to record the French voice actors necessary to include French VO in Update 26/Greymoor. Because of this, when that update releases, there will be French text and subtitles as normal but only English voice-over for ESO new content. Unfortunately, since there are no plans yet to re-open French recording studios, we still have no idea when French VO will be ready. Please keep in mind that in normal conditions it usually takes 2~3 months to record and then update the game with VO for an Elder Scrolls Online Chapter.

  Right now, our ESO population is much larger than normal as many of you are stuck at home, and video games are just like Elder Scrolls Online are a perfect distraction from a daily life that is not always awesome. This month, we have held some really fun ESO events, ongoing ESO Anniversary Jubilee festival, of course, included. Therefore, we will all be watching for any issues caused by an already enormous population playing ESO getting much larger.

  These are difficult times for all of us, and we are doing everything we can to stay on right track. Please stay safe and healthy and enjoy getting away from your daily life for just a bit by adventuring in Elder Scrolls Online, and last but not least, wash your damn hands often.

  Yours Matt"

  After all things considered, a week delay is nothing really and it offers us more time to tinker with the other content in Elder Scrolls Online, of which there is plenty. Probably do what I am doing and then use that extra week to grind some materials, ESO Gold and some other resources so you can concentrate on the new story when it launches.