Elder Scrolls Online's Update: The Five Best Things In Update 17

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2018-02-26 08:39:43
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On February 12th, the Elder Scrolls Online has finally received the Dragon Bones DLC pack on Xbox One and PS4, joining the PC version which launched. If you own the Morrowind DLC, then two new PvP battlegrounds are available with Mor Khazgur and Deeping Drome. As we known, Dragon Bones, Elder Scrolls Online’s latest update (Update 17 to be exact) launched yesterday on PC. In order to know more, please keep an eye on ours website: eso-gold.com. 



Combat Changes

These are small, barely noticeable changes to the naked eye, but the overall impact of things like like improvements to Synergies. 


The Outfit System

The new outfit system is fantastic. It lets you take any of your unlocked styles and apply them in any way you want to your Outift and make your own custom costume. You get the first slot free, but more after that will cost you crowns. 


Home Storage

A small, but meaningful step towards making your home in Tamriel actually useful for more than displaying trophies is here with Update 17. You can now acquire various storage boxes to place in your home, and put your belongings inside. 


The Level Up Guide and Experience

This is my number one new feature of the patch, as it will likely make the largest long-term impact on the health of the game. Leveling up in ESO is pretty complex process. The sort of freedom afforded by the system often overwhelms new players. 


The New Dungeons and Battlegrounds

It’s worth noting that the Battlegrounds (two brand new ones) are not part of the purchased DLC - that’s strictly the dungeons. The BGs come for free as long as you own Morrowind. The dungeons are the spotlight of the DLC, but they’re only lower on this list because they must be bought or subscribed to. 


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